Thursday, January 16, 2014

Welcome 2014

Don`t you agree? when we reach the number 25, times started to speed faster than it used to. Feeling exactly like In Time. I feel a bit tercungap to catch up to those list of must achieved written by the society. Although we know it is not good to peek into other people`s window, but with all the condos and apartments built not far from each other, peeking is something we can`t help. Well, this is just an analogy to explain that it is hard not to feel envy of other people`s gift. But I assure you, this envy, is just my way of `tumpang gembira` of what you have. May Allah bless us more this year.

You know what I mean by the society standard? Like when you turn 25 and their eyes jolted when you said you are still single, and now this, married for more than a month and still no news for reproduction. But, this just happen in Malaysia. The way they show their care for us, is by asking that kind of question. The more fortunate you are, the less question you will get (from my statistical analysis :p).

Anyway, apart from the society standard I wish to achieve this year, I have my own KPI to reach too. But I don`t usually listed it down every time the new year`s eve arrives. I have this list called `things to do before I die` which does not specify the time it has to get done. I will just live the everyday life and squeeze the missions in whenever the time permits. In this list, usually they are not things to acquire. But, most of them are skills to acquire, things to do.

Without a doubt, 2014 would be a very busy year for us. We know it even before it arrives. I can`t even think of time for our holiday in 2014. Every single month is pretty much occupied. But oh well, we never had a well-planned vacation anyways. hahaha. 

New year`s resolution, I have none that is within my power to achieve. Although I have, the first one is all about rezeki. If I get that, then only I can move to number 2. So for now, I will walk through the flow and immerse myself with the new people I will meet, new environment of everything. We are totally stepping out of our comfort zone. We were like changing tunnels randomly and see where it brings us. I really hope Allah s.w.t will show us the right path. May us all be blessed and end the year with a lot of success and happiness to share. 

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Wearing Ziggy Shawl (purple) from AkikoInc


  1. Salam..Hi..Wani. are superWani! Lovely..Lovely..Lovely. You are so suprising me. So many chapters of you life that absolutely Wonderful ! I will never forget you because you are my first BEST friend! SRKTDH..but till then..I moved in Perak.Do you remember? I know it sound like..and make you think, '!..' I miss you a lot ! If you told me 'actually..I don't have any memory with you' should believe me..It is ok with me..Yea..?! Really?!? [ok..I am prentending saying that.. :'( ].. Ok..I believe your life SO colourful !! Seems like you still ok with "certain" parts.. I'm happy for you.. Our parts just my priceless memories.. Wish you good LUCK for everything you do, Zawani. Miss you friend.. Anyway..I am a Shawl lover! You look soo cute in that way. You are so Adorable ! is true. I love you my friend..

  2. tell u the truth, I was looking for you too.And here you are datang menyerah diri.bahhaha xp
    My life biasala..ada ups and downs. Hey, send me your picture with family la..xoxo



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