Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mimpi buruk

It was weekend and we fell asleep while watching movies. You know, under the blanket, winter and cuddles. How easy it is to fall asleep although you have slept for 12 hours before that -_-"

I rarely had dreams in sleep. I usually had deep sleep. Very baby like. bahaha..but I WILL get dream (which usually are weird) whenever I sleep besides the night sleep. Maybe that is why I dislike to take a nap! 

Anyway, like usual, I had a weird dream and I wake up screaming. A bit though. Takdela sepenuh hati gitu. And to my surprise, my sleeping partner awake at the same time, looking very pale like he had just seen a ghost!
I immediately said "I mimpi ngeri" with eyes and mouth opened so wide.
He replied "I pun!" "You mimpi apa?"
I said "I walked into the mirror, open my shirt and see there was a lot of bulu dada yang hitam tebal gila kat dada I!!!warghhhh!!"
He gave me a facepalm obviously. But I tell you, the bulu dada was just so eewwww :(

I asked him back "You mimpi apa?

"My car got towed. And I have to pay 50,000yen to get the car back!"
For that, I gave him the super face palm ever! 

Yours truly is the kind of person who has difficulties forgetting things. Although some things I did not really pay attention, but the memories will be buried deep at least for years at the back of my mind. That is why I dislike watching movie hantu Indonesia and getting inside dirty toilets. Do you need me to elaborate it more??I will have a hard time getting rid of images. 

For example, bedtime movies. Most of the times, some of the characters will enter my dreams and mess up with my mood when I wake up. Like the stories of bulu dada above, you know why I dreamt of having bulu dada?? It was because I fell asleep while watching Despicable Me 2. I love El Macho. One of the most favorite scene of him was when he requested cupcakes with Mexican flags like the one tattooed on his chest! bahahaha..I love that scene. Yes! there I got the image of bulu dada implanted in my head and it messed up with my dreams -_-"

Mr El Macho (nama seryes takleh blah!lol xp)
Source: Google

But for hubby to dreamt of his car got it is the `ngeriest` dream for all men! 

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