Thursday, November 14, 2013

Love-Hate Relationship

I have a very high hope of my remaining 2 months holiday. I want to do so many things that I was forced to put behind for years. I have a long list of sweets to try making, the piano that has been waiting for me for years to attend to, and sewing which I have just started. So, going down with flu and fever for which for now has been 3 days, is so frustrating. Usually, drugs+antibiotics work well on me. But, for some reason, I have to refuse antibiotics and settle with a mild drugs for flu. It does not work! I did many things to make myself comfortable especially for the cough. I tried air asam jawa, honey with lemon, all tak jalan.. If it is just the hingus and kahak, I could still functioning. But, with all the body aching and the fever, I can't even solat properly.


Trust me, the caused is not the cold weather which had just started a few days ago. For some reason, I could not stand this thing..

The thing called danbou (heater). The more cassic the type, the more disasterous it is to me.


On this cold weather, of course danbou is the survival kit. You know, to prevent you from frostbite. But, I can't help it that I am in love-hate relationship with this thing. The highest temperature I can tolerate is apparently 25, and this is accompanied by the air purifier.


But, 4 days ago, husband was down with fever and he turned the heater to 28 for the whole night. The next day, I got sick and he is in the pink of health again. When I think back, it is usually like that. I can be among those who are demam, and get infected last and the worst! I am totally his guardian angel. I took away his sickness. If that's so, I am more than willing to do so ^_^





  1. Dulu masa kt Japan bila dah start guna danbou, every month mesti demam. Sbb takde air purifier. Senpai pesan suruh buka tingkap, kasi angin masuk. Tdo jgn pasang danbou,tp pki baju tebal n stokin bulu to keep warm. Danbou boleh keringkan tekak, susah nk elok klu dah sakit. Just nak share, insyaAllah sihat sentiasa :) Odaijini kak wani!

    Silent Reader :p

    1. hi nurul. mmg buat sume bile one night 'ter'on the danbou..abes! sigh..mmg suuusah nk elok.dah 5 hari ni T_T takpela, redha saja :')

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