Thursday, September 12, 2013

The Overwhelming Syawal

1 Syawal

-It was my first time bersolat sunat Syawal while on the way to rumah Tok We (husband's grandmother). It was the first time too I really see Temerloh!

- We didn't make any baju raya. In fact we did not think about balik raya until a week before our departure. Yes of course meghoyan cari tiket T_T So, I tried so hard to wear anything that match. A bit lari, but overall, our photos turned out really awesome! :')

My favorite memory on the 1st Syawal was, looking at how extremely happy Tokwe is:)


2 Syawal

Husband woke me up to show me houses that he had shortlisted from iProperty. I was like...what happen to you? Suddenly so crazy looking for a house to buy! haha..He made Ummi (his mother) called the agents, and the visiting times are set.

Then we left for Kuala Pilah, my uwan's (my grandmother) house. Following that, we left for Semenyih (my father's hometown) in the afternoon.

I think 2nd Syawal is an extraordinary day for hubby. It was fated, he got to meet and solat together with Yam Tuan Besar Negeri Sembilan. Kebetulan, that Friday the Yam Tuan went Friday Prayer at the mosque nearby uwan's house:) Husband was like just inches away! hihi.


3 Syawal
It was my in law's open house.
I accepted the task to cook meatball spaghetti. First of all, I seldomly cooked any spaghetti. Secondly, I am not a really good cook, especially when it comes to cater more than 2 persons >,< Alhamdulillah, all turned out ok :,D Eateble la..hahaha
This day had in fact the most overwhelming of all. First, my spaghetti was eatable, 2nd, finally I gotta learned how to operate sewing machine and actually produced a maxi by myself! and most of all, I met an inspiring person name Prof. Dr. Mazidah :') I consider her as the answer who came knocking on my door. Alhamdulillah..
I slept with a lot to be thankful to Allah s.w.t.

Days after Syawal, the 3rd

Our visit to empty or strangers' houses started..unti the day our departure back to Japan. Did we finally found our dream house?I will reveal it later (subjected to loan approval.hahahaha)

A bit frustrated though to cancel meetings with friends. But I assure them, I will be back in KL for good this Oct.! So, there is nothing to be mad about! haha.


Oh, didn't I tell you? I'm coming home!!

That's why I was in hiatus! I was busy with thesis, raya, emotions, packings! yes, packings! weehuu!!

See you, KL!


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