Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Ending

The story started on the August 7th, 4am.

The night before, the husband went home very late at night. Around 1130pm and only got to break his fast then. Well of course it broke the wife's heart every single time>,<

Anyway, they had to leave the house for the Narita Airport the latest at 4am. Why? First, subuh would only started at 340am. Secondly, the husband is apparently married to kura-kura.

Nevertheless, they successfully left at 4am, the weather was lovely, so was the traffic. According to the GPS, we would arrive 3hrs before the departure time which was just lovely! It was somehow, too surreal, until..they were about to enter Tokyo, where they seemed like..they were static. Like not moving at all.

Japan's highway is equipped with so many electronic information board, updating the traffic flow all the time. They will show you which point along the way, there are accidents or congestions, and the additional time you might need to reach your destination as the consequences. It happened that, on the way to Narita Airport, there were two major accidents in the middle of the already congested road! As soon as they enter the Tokyo and got stuck, the GPS recalculate the journey time and according to it, they will only arrived just in time of departure, which meant, they wouldn't be able to even check in >,<

The wife started to palpitate, nauseous and immediately her excitement just a few hours before gone! Just a few hour before she was dancing and singing in the car to Demi Lovato's (lol xp). Actually, since got married, whenever there's problem involving both of them, the wife had never really care because she knows the husband must have ways to solve it. The husband never really saw things as problems! Or he was just so lucky that way. But this time she could see his husband was so different and he seemed to putus asa sangat. The wife had to tell their situation to the family whom expected their arrival in the evening. The possibility they managed to arrive by time was practically 0%! Yeah..that was how hopeless they were!

They had to tell their family to expect the cancellation. Also, they had their aunty online to standby in case they have to cancel the ticket since she works in MAS. They really feel like being in Mission Impossible! It was nearly impossible! The picture of them beraya was erased, and husband had starting discuss the alternative ways to spend raya >,<

Suddenly, hubby just follow his heart and diverted to the city road. He knew it was not a good idea. The fact that it was Tokyo on the working day, just made it worst! GPS also did not agree with the husband. The calculation showed additional 2hr journey! Brilliant. The wife was about to cry! The husband diverted back to the highway, when suddenly magic happened..

Apparently, when the husband diverted to the city road, they skipped the jammed part! They suddenly on the smooth journey to the airport and managed to arrived 2hr before departure time.

That was the story of us, Wani and Asyraff balik raya. duh-_-"

(click on the picture. it is a short video;))

I always always love roadtrip (provided only in Japan).


Only Allah knows how indescribable our feelings to finally safely arrived and got to beraya with our family in this beloved country, Malaysia.

No where can beat Malaysia in my heart:)


I think it is too late to wish all of you Selamat Hari Raya, but I think it is still okay to ask forgiveness from all of you in case I have offended you in any way:)

Maafkan saya:')


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