Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Berbuka di hotel

Suspicious sangat tajuk..
Nevertheless, I mean it! I'm going to show you the juadahs I've been having for iftar in HOTEL so far. 
Mind you..all '5 stars'..
Mari kita lihat..antara-antara juadahnya:


Amacam? spesel tak? :') bahahaha..
Ape nak buat..berpuasa di perantauan..pastu accomodation tak ada pula dapur. Have no choice but to tapao everyday. Eating out was not an option la coz I gotta berbuka alone most of the days:)
But, see the big fish there? That's when hubby was around:) Special sikit la :') 

I mentioned before, that I am constipation-prone during fasting month. So, a big portion of the hidangan have to be fruits. Tapi tak constipation prone pun memang gini :D Despite of this effort, it still hasn't reduce the risk nonetheless:( Tapi, cuba jela kan..mana tahu it will become worst if I didn't >,<


Back in M'sia I would love to have rice, tembikai (a lot of it) and sedikit kuih. Yep, I'm fussy like that. But in here, bersahur around 3am, and I usually fell asleep at 1.30 T_T so...
Nevertheless, I am all bersemangat to serve my husband. Although it was only tapaoed food. He is so easy to take care of la..have to thank my MIL a lot :')

So far, we only had leftovers from the iftar. I am okay with that. I usually don't have the appetite, so it's okay:) But I must have a sip of orange juice, my milk and recently prunes. Blerghhh

And..I found my favorite cereals! I love trix by the way..but this is froot loops!can do la..nk sama dah rasa dia tu:') Di Jepun, mashaAllah..tak jumpa la trix ke...froot loops ke..koko crunch pun tak ada T_T So, if you want to make your friends in Japan happy, those are some of the things you can consider to bring here, alongside KFC and McDonalds. haha

I love my moreh. If in M'sia, moreh means the time I can finally eat my kuih! Yours truly ni memang makan banyak kali. In normal days, teatime is my joy of the day. I love kuih. In Japan, I have no choice but to replace them with cookies, cakes and all sorts of sweets. My favourite teatime menu, pisang goreng! Imma simple girl like that. It is easy to make me happy!
Tapi in puasa day, of course I can't swallow everything during the iftar. So, I have to let the maincourse settle smpai colon, then I can have my stomach for kuih muih:')

But as musafir, this is my moreh. In spite of all the hurdles, I still have my moreh.haha.. oreo pon oreo la..
And..I still have to get my coffee kick. Usually, after I have coffee, my cognitive function would become so active, and I would suddenly became so productive too! caffeine dependent T_T
And that people..why I had a hard time to fall asleep every night these past few days >,<

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