Monday, July 15, 2013

On the day of...soulik typhoon

Typhoon? I heard about it so many times in Japan. Interestingly, I was never in Japan when it happened.
I heard about how my friends fell off bicycle, had their expensive umbrella broke into pieces by the typhoon. Trust me, quality payung here paling murah RM 60. You have to buy these kind of payung to survive the harsh weather, stronger UV rays, and what's not. So, what I'm trying to tell you is, I do not have a clear picture how typhoon feels like.Whenever it hit Japan, I often was out of the country.
Destiny you may call it, I finally experienced it in..Taiwan! Contoh berada di tempat yang salah pada masa yang salah??You might call that too. But it wasn't that bad. I must said the typhoon wasn't that bad (at least at my area, which is quite far from the shorelines. Alhamdulillah..
But these people were very much ready. Potential victims had been evacuated days prior to the scheduled strike. I read from the paper, tourist had also been evacuated from Taiwan. Then I see myself..hey!how about me? >,< 
Ehem!another one left here >,<

Anyway, I thought these typhoon was just like a strong, extraordinarily stronger from ribut in KL, if you may imagine. So, I guess we should be okay as long as we stay indoors. As the hotel I stay in currently is quite err..high end according to my preference, so I guess it should be safe enough. I just have to stay indoors until the typhoon finished crossing the whole continent (the typhoon was a two-eyed typhoon, each one eye sized larger, much larger than the whole Taiwan >,<).
At left shown Taiwan. The typhoon is absolutely much much larger.

Anyway, it was Saturday. After we finished sahur at 3.30am, I lied down for a while while waiting for azan.
Then suddenly I felt so nauseas! So pening gitu. The thought that I might be pregnant immediately cross my mind. But of course, I didn't want to lie at myself. haha..
I told husband that I really feel like vomiting. Like the world is spinning.
After subuh, we felt the building was berputar slowly. I swear I felt my butt was moving in a slow motion touching and untouching the bed. Shortly after that, husband mengadu nk muntah pula. lol xp.
I did not know this typhoon was so serious until I feel it myself. It was so scary I feel like the typhoon could potentially push this building down and..btw, we stayed on the most top floor T_T. Nauzubillah..
Then the next morning, I though it was over. But, it wasn't. The hotel main entrance was well sealed with kayu, bebatu, sticker, etc. Apparently, it wasn't the entrance only, all of our windows were secured like this. 

 As we reached the concierge area, OMG, it was so...teruk bersepah gitu >,< The main glass door was sealed with kayu and batu, maybe to add strength to the glass to endure the force. 
You're right! There was not a single human jalan-jalan kat luar. lol xp And I witnessed with my own eyes how strong the typhoon was. And that was just the ekor-ekor je. I can't imagine how it was at 3am that morning. I was so like jawdropping gitu, I forgot to record it. I managed to record a little bit before we got scared and run for elevator (before the elevator suddenly shut down or something >,<)

  Blerghh..we spent our day..watching TV japanese channel (sebab tu je yg available and the cable wasn't damaged by the typhoon). Husband was ok, coz he like Japan's TV. To make things worst, the available channels were mostly sports channel >,< Arghhh!!!
Me? Of course I did not watch AT ALL. haha.

At 4, the sky magically became clear again. The birds were chirping again and the traffic started to become active. So, did us! lol xp

We head to Sogo located just behind our hotel. Awesome! I know :') a table for anniversary dinner/iftar!
Us after 3 years being married..and countless of months/days being committed towards each other. basically, we grew up together! and we are goin to enter 3 series soon. Time flies so fast :'( May Allah grant our marriage with happiness, barakah and..lots of children :D May Allah protect you wherever you go, whenever.

On another note, finally I managed to eat the real chinese cuisine!! We managed to find a chinese restaurant yang banyak menu seafood. Bukan tak ada ayam/beef langsung, tapi most of the options are seafood. I was so excited, so I ate really a lot! Memang sedap! Serious! Perfect! Like what I imagined these would taste whenever I watch cerita cina. haha..especially shrimp dumplings and shrimp veges bean curd rolls ^_^
Tengok mee kungfu ni..sedap melampauan sangat..I want to buy the noodle and make it myself la. Macam senang je. Where to get?

Nyum nyum chinese cuisine. Hailed them for their awesome menus!
Taiwan done! Where is next? ^^,

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