Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Handling constipation

A struggle I've been having every time fasting month arrives.
Everytime when Ramadhan is announced, the idea of having constipation will immediately came across my mind, and gave me scare.
I would sigh a relief every time the 30 days passed without it. A joy for me.
Who have this problem too?
Well, I did not have it as often as you might think. But, the experience really was terrible, that I categorized to be able to 'berak' easily is one of the joy of life. Lol xp

Anyway, struggle to have an easy bowel movement basically has been my everyday struggle. Some of the days, it was effortless, but most of the time it was a struggle. Not a struggle 'during the process' if you may ask. Struggle to ensure the process is at ease. I have to make sure I get enough natural laxative, enough fluid and everything needed to ensure an 'easy stool'.

Here's what you might need to consider to prevent constipation. Some people would have different requirement. Some are just so gifted with active bowel (like yours truly husband -_-"), in which they pretty much do not need any of the laxatives. Unfortunately for yours truly, my bowel works exactly like those in textbooks! It just that, I need pretty much all the precautions necessary -__-" 

1. Eat a lot of fibres.
My friend and family knows me well that I ate a lot, a lot of fruits everyday. I did not eat them for dessert only, I practically have them as my staple food. I'm not exaggerating, I eat a lot of fruits. Basically, fruits is where most of my money are invested. 
Despite of this, I still prone to constipation. When I was first see doctor for constipation, she told me, I have to eat a lot of fruits and veges. I was like..-__-" 
I think that fact is known by a lot of people. What the doctor forgot to tell me was, fruits and vegetables gave laxative effect differently for each individuals. So, you have to experiment with yourself which fruits or veges with a strong laxative effect on you.
Laxative effect could be stimulated by many ways. It could be either the fibre you take causes you to trap more air, or more fluid. If more air, this will help your bowel movement. If the fibre the kind of absorbs fluid well, it will help make your stool softer so, the elimination would be easier.
So, in conclusion,  natural laxative works differently for every individuals. You have to find yours.
Among the popular choices are papaya, banana, prunes. But all three are my least favourite fruits. In addition, banana and papaya did not work well as laxative for me. Prunes on the other hand has always been the saviour. I mean, when the condition is at its worst. Because I don't like prunes >,<

2. Plenty of liquids
When you drink less, your body will get dehydrated. Subsequently, your kidney will signal less water to be secreted and more water to be absorbed for the body. That's include water that moisten your stool! As a result, your stool will become harder and difficult to be push out of the system.
Ok, this could be one of my problem too. I have always been difficult to gulp a large amount of water. Especially when the time I was so busy. Drink plenty of water has been my struggle so far. But, I'm getting better at it. Still, it wasn't as much as litres as famously recommended.

3. Avoid caffeine
Have you ever experienced, whenever you drink caffeine, you will have toilet calls more frequently? This diuretic effect could cause your body to dry up of fluids, drying up your stool as well. Therefore, it is best to drink plenty of water whenever you have caffeine.
As for me, caffeinated drink is one of my best laxative. It was contraindicative from the textbook. But it works wonder to stimulate my bowel! and at the same time telling me to drink plenty of water. Because I'll feel thirsty after every few sip :) It's like after a few sip, I feel my mouth is getting dry, so I drink water ;) Sedar tak sedar, I drank a lot already! 
This situation is a good example of different laxative for every individual ^_^

4. Physical movement
Living a sedentary life would also leave me constipate >,<
Apparently, physical movement (exercise would be better) would help stimulate your intestine. So, if you think you have done all of the above but still got constipation, please think about exercising ^_^
Because of this, yours truly is one restless creature.

5. To avoid: stimulant laxative (drugs) and sweet treats.
It is very important to avoid drugs if you have constipation. The drugs available may caused your colon to depend on them later. Continual usage will need you to increase dosage. I'm afraid later you would end up fully dependent of them >,< phew!
If you feel like your stool has started to become harder to eliminate, start puasa from sweet treats. Sweet treats are mostly low in fibre content. Until you get fine, then you can have your sweets again.

There's a lot more you can find in a textbook or internet. I write here are based on my personal experience. 
In the next entry, I will share with you on how I deal with this issue in fasting month ^_^


  1. This post resonant so much with me lah. Ughh >< I too have problem with this, and the thing that really helps is prune juice. I don't like prunes too, but the juice is drinkable as long as it is cold.

    The thing that I don't like from being constipated is you have a lot of gas inside you and it is hard to retain your wudhu'. Nightmare when doing tarawikh. :(

    1. aleen..i also am thinking to drink prune juice la.tp tak jumpe sini.it is such a torture for me to telan the prune.hahah.hey, having angin is better than not having angin at all (like me).lol.
      im still scared everyday>,<

  2. Back from Turkey, my husband has the same problem. So, I bought yoghurt and make fruit smoothies with it. My hubby said, it ease his bowel movement. Now, we have yoghurt smoothies for break fast and sahoor.

    1. so sedap!hihi..ur husband is lucky to hv such a delicious remedy:')
      unfortunately, yogurt does not work on me too:(



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