Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Caffe Latte

Salam everybody..

Hows ur morning??

You I have to really study since I am way left behind in this field??
but I just cannot use my brain in the morning..I'll feel sleepy..
But..i had found the remedy to this predicament!
Coffee!!!Of course I would prefer starbucks..but no no..I have to really watch my spending.
I love this cafe latte..until one day I was told that I cannot drink this as it contains nyukazai (emulsifier which originated either from animal or plant). Unfortunately, nyukazai in this coffee originated from wonder this coffee was not found in Malaysia kan??maybe that's the reason. This cup was from my colleague. A treat for my birthday. This was before I knew that I cannot drink lor..

So I decided to buy a tumbler...hehe..(padehal xde penah decide pon..sbb nampak tumbler ni kt starbucks=p).
And after I bought this, i noticed that our lab got so many types of coffee and teas. I can just make any as I, I guess my decision to get this tumbler was right!weee..
Trust me..the cuter the tumbler u get, the nicer your coffee will b;p

Jangan mare ehh bebeh;p


  1. oo yeke kak wani..caffe latte tu nyukazai dari xtau pun =(

  2. son call the company=( sorry for sharing this so late =( sedap kan coffee ni T_T

  3. aah sgt sedap!org sgt @un baru je check kt website ipij psl mknn halal haram ni.mmg dame datte..huhu =(

  4. =( sorry to hear that T_T sdp kan..akak pn sukke sbb die x pening sgt n angin bdn pon kuar..perot saye kempis saje;)



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