Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just so you know

Salam lovelies..

A very hectic morning for me indeed..But I love it. Within 3 hours, I had crossed Japan from North to South (Toyohashi to Hiroshima)..haha..Hebat x??=p Long story about it. Find it in another post later=)

I was told that, in Dec there will be a lot of parties held. Dept, graduate schools, organized by individuals and many more..depending on whether u noticed that or not. Oh well, in my case, I had never noticed any..All parties attended so far were told by friends met either in the hallway or in the elevator=p

At first I was annoyed..why la all asking me about party and I have to say that 'I am not invited'. Well, put ur foot in mine when you have to mention that hundreds of time in a day??Apparently, it's me who had never check my's e-mail T_T..

Oh do not worry, I had never missed any yet..except because I chose not to attend it (oh, let's put the story in another post=p) sounds great...especially when they came 3 days in a row, but when it comes to the food served..err..attending parties will be just about meeting people and representing your country ( fun at all when the part representing country tu T-T..)

Talk about food..

There are not many muslim resided in here, the Hiroshima City. Most of them lived in the countryside of Saijo, where the main campus is located. As we all know, most people came to Japan to learn technologies. So, those who lived in Saijo won't have much problems dealing with halal foods and place to perform the prayers.

In Hiroshima City..the number of Malaysians in total, FOUR. and two of us are muslim. The other muslims in here are Indonesians ( MAJOR), Bangladesh, Iran and UAE.

I believe the knowledge about what you can or cannot eat in Saijo are much well spread than in Hiroshima City. I think this is because their muslim community is larger which then facilitate the sharing of knowledge. Unlike here, most people came alone..clueless at day first. Students in Kasumi campus usually came will be the worst case with zero knowledge in too dependent on my hubby!

When he sent me here, he taught me about food.

He always tells me this; "Remember to take care of you shalat and what you eat."

Because I was so stupid..I never be able to remember the kanji writing of the ingredients that is forbidden for us, muslim. And yes, most of the foods contains those ingredients.
p/s: But I think it is just not me who's got problems remembering kanji right?? T_T..

Can you guys catch some of the words...??
The book that I have to carry every time with me. Have to carry this until I had truly memorized all the words.
I hope by putting this up, my friends in here would be more alert on what they consumed. I must say, in a way that I am lucky that I have somebody telling me this.
Next page!

Oh, another thing is..all yamazaki bread are haram.

So, in for the conveniency, I'll give 19 stars out of pleasure??we still have to survive for our own pleasure. even though my japanese friends here said that my life is difficult..but I saw it as fun and tricky. Take it as a challenge and u'll find satisfaction with it. Ganbarre!



  1. how i miss to speak & write in Japanese.
    wani, bestnya! nak jugak pegi sana.
    wani berapa tahn lagi kat sane?

  2. ha??u know how to speak n write??sugoi ne!!same mcm lots a lots of my frens in malaysia..
    i don't have the motivation to even learn them.y did i ended up in this country T_T ade lg 3 hubby mcm xtau la bape lame.kesimpulannye..mmg belom nampak lg bendere Malaysia kt iris ku ini..hehe

  3. yeah. boleh la sikit. i dari kecik memang suke tgok cite jepoon, belaja bahasa jepon & kat uitm pun amik 3rd languange jepoon.
    tapi sebab tak bape nak prektis, so dah hilang dari ingatan.
    ohh..lame lagi yeah? sempat la i nak kejar u :)
    HEHE. gud luck bythe way. wani buat PhD ape?

  4. OMG...u r so a positive person. I never intended to know another language.but fate brings me here.So, I guess it's for my own benefit=) (tgh motivate diri wat keje skolah ni T_T)
    thank u.
    I'm doing phd in head and neck cancer T_T..(i really hope it is something related to fashion T_T)

  5. bestnyer ada buku nota panduan. sometimes, yoo pun confius bab2 makanan ni. ada setengah kata boleh, ada setengah kata tak boleh... huhuhu...

  6. tak apela Yoo...yg penting keyakinan..kalau berlaku kekhilafan..itukan anugerah Allah:)



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