Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Salam lovelies...

Ngantuk lagi T-T..

Anyways, my current obsession towards my sling bag still has not showing any reduction=p ahahah..
Since I carry this bag (2 hari baru=p) many people were asking where I got this bag..surprisingly, even guys were asking (while touching my bag here n there).hehe..

Again..please visit MyBotang for more..(don't choose one like mine lor..nnt tetukar=p ahaha)

And also, I got many compliments..and questions..about my boot..T_T..Then I have to reveal the secret..T_T..

As for the boot, I cannot help...because I bought it in Jusco=p Lol!

It's a formal party with president..and yes, you can still carry your kinoko sling..n there's nothing wrong with the boot while everybody else are wearing heels=p hihi

Secret to be seen well-dressed??Always have confidence in what you are wearing (even you are wearing a baju tebalik ^_^)..Good Luck!

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