Thursday, December 16, 2010

Kate by kanebo eyeliner-for sale


Ohayou gozaimasu..

It's been two days I was playing makeup2 with my friends at the Lad. Dept of one shopping mall here..
sigh..I thought I will be missing Mid-valley-ing time which I usually did almost every evening in UM..
But now, I have my own version of MV here..even without starbucks..I guess this will do ^_^

You know..end of the year..our schedule is loaded with parties.
Hence, the make up 'requirement'=p ngahaha (alasan to put some finally T_T..what a dull job I am in right now T_T)

'Unfotunately' (for my hubby dearie)..I found friends who shared the craziness to shop with me..In fact they are much crazier T-T..I am no more the girl in a green scarf if I go out with them=p wee...but I still talks to figures wearing good goods=p ehehe

Ok2..back to the topic;
I am selling this! (when I wanna play makeup at home..I found that I bought the wrong eyeshadow!watthee....after 2 hours wandered around the ladies dept..I brought home the wrong thing that I wanted the most T-T..wat the...)

Kate eyeliners. Kate by Kanebo ye darlings..I love the sticks well on your skin and it doesn't comes out that easy even you smudge it with your hands. What I noticed with Kate's product was..they don't easily come out (like I have mentioned even if you x sengaje tersapu make up remover.) will clean off well when you wash your face with warm water=) I applied Kate's mascara everyday..I never have to apply back again and again after long tiring day here. It sticks like fibres^_^ and it comes out easy when I bathe at night.

I'll be back to Malaysia next week!So, will courier this along with me.

Here's the detail:
Colour: silver (uhuhu..that's y I don't see any reason to keep it T_T but who knows people who are looking for this!)
Price: RM20




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