Friday, December 24, 2010

Nipon's Kelisa;)

Konnichiwa everyone!

It's gonna b a hectic weekend this week. Popular dates to get married especially when it falls on weekend=) hehe..My return to Malaysia this time will be filled with meetings and meetings like years x jumpe=p hehe..

Back in Malaysia..I drove Kelisa. Whatever people said..I love my car (I bet you'll talk behind me as well when you see the condition of my car =| Please....I don't have time to stop by carwash ok.) But my sister everybody can see the real colour after 2 years=|

Alhamdulillah until now, I had never gotten involved in any accident. *pray that I will not be into any* Even though people keep making issue of me taking sharp junction with gear 5=|

Even though I am such a good driver (blueekkk=p)..I never know how to ride a bicycle=|
Yes..that used to be my secret. But now, no more. I ride the biggest bike among the lady here even though I am a new cycler=p ahaha..

This is my Kelisa..I so heart it like I heart my Kelisa (yang car punye..)...(aahhh...I just don't have the time to take off the plastic wrap=p).

I just learnt how to ride bicycle (at the age of 20++ T_T). haha..
Thank you Mr Kong Weng Sheng for the lesson=p

Now, I always find reason to go that I can ride my bike. husband just good at reading my guts T_T


  1. u, dah sampai mesia? nak order yg eyeliner tu?...

  2. lorr.cik reen ..hha..baru perasan la=( nape letak komen kt beskal ni.haha,,
    give me ur address=)



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