Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Yamaguchi Taikai

My husband is all about sports. One of the activity he is very fond of is the football taikai, which will be organized once or twice a year? I'm not sure because I feel like there are 10s each year >,<

I remember end of last year, there was a taikai I can't remember where but it took about 7 hours journey by car. He was then just came back from 3 months posting in Thailand that time. He arrived home in the afternoon and left me again that night for that 7 hour journey! @_@ Later when he returned, he fell ill due to over-exhaustion (I guess). Sigh.. So, that's how I concluded that football is his first wife. Let's see how they breed. bahahaha xp

Although he is now turning 30..a veteran age for a taikai, his excitement did not reduce a bit. He is still so semangats to play and doesn't really care if he brings back medal. He already get tons of it that I have problems keeping them actually. But, who comes all the way to lose right? Being me, I don't mind another medal to worry of. ahahaha xp.

Last week was his first time playing with Hiroshima FC. Er...I'm not sure if I'm right, because there's a comment on my facebook photo hinting that he had played for Hiroshima FC before. That is possible since he had been living here years before. This year, the event was held at Yamaguchi. About 1.5hour from our home. The view was just breathtaking all the way that I didn't really feel the time passed. 

We left home at 6.30am, grabbed a cup of coffee from my favorite convenience store (yes, that's a thing) and hit the road. After I feel like 70x of play and re-playing 'From this moment' of Shania Twain, we arrived at 8.15am at a park (I couldn't remember the exact name, but it was so modern-looking kind of science park). The place where the taikai was held was located just by the beach, so no complaint for the girls ^_~

Anyway, here's some of the pictures taken during the taikai.

Our tent. 

The tough midfielder who also scored 3 goals!

Sigh..If I need to choose again, I would probably choose him. ahaha xp. I never pay attention to his playing before. But this time, the girls are so into football and the vibes were that infectious that I started checking his every move. I have to say, my son would be proud of his father later.

We eat, hang out in the middle of the field, having a bit of sun-tanning, and shout!

Hiroshimaians who came to play and to support. Otsukaresamadeshita!! well done boys!

Didn't I tell you that we win? Although it was for the 2nd place, but for me they have won tremendously. They fought very hard, it just that they didn't have luck for the last penalty shoot to determine the final winner. They were really good though.

And while other chose to have post-dinner at an Indian restaurant in Yamaguchi, we chose to stop by the Miyajima and indulge the famou, big-fat oysters. I was so hungry but one oyster already made me full. It was that big guys..
I have to say, trip to taikai this time is my most favourite so far! Looking forward for more. Make it a little bit more farther please..I would love to make a longer 'concert' on the way! hihi.

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