Friday, May 16, 2014

Canned-tuna Laksa Johor

My first ever laksa Johor. I'm loving it :)

On one evening when I just came back from work, I feel so tired, but I still need to cook dinner. I look at husband..he really has problems of eating in small portion. Reminds me to bring him for leptin check later on. ahaha xp. Seriously, why men eat so much @_@ or is it only him?@_@ I requested a big fridge when we move because I dreamed of becoming a domestic goddess who can fill the kitchen with food everywhere. So far, my refrigerator only contains the shelf, and so does my dry food shelf, where I have prepared nice container to stock up biscuits, cookies, buns, etc. All empty. Looks like I married to a food processor or something. ahahaha xp. 

In regards to this 'problem', I feel obliged to cook something healthy every time. I try. One effort I try to put now is to make sure he gets variety of nutrition in one week. It is such a struggle still, given that when I am home, the energy left is just to cook.haha xp. Still working on it. 

So on that evening, all I can find in my kitchen was a stack of canned tuna which I carried with me from Hiroshima to Nagoya, now back to Hiroshima @_@ and a whole lot of pasta @_@. I feel the urge to use them right away. Then a bulb of idea popped out, I see Aim's face. 
She said, "now is the time for you to try my laksa Johor"! 
And I was like...why not?! Let`s do it!

Laksa Johor from canned tuna (courtesy of The Daily Muses)

A pack of spaghetti
6x80g of canned mackerel flakes
200ml of coconut cream/coconut milk
2 red onions**
3 cloves of garlic**
an inch of ginger**
3 pcs of lemongrass**
3 tbsp of blended chili**
1/2 cup of dried shrimp**
3 tbsp of curry powder (for fish)
Vietnamese mint (daun kesum)- I don't have this one. 


1. Boil a packet of spaghetti.
2. Blend all the ingredients marked "**".
3. Heat oil and saute the blended ingredients.
*Put in vietnamese mint if you have some
4. Mix curry powder with water a bit and pour it in the pan. 
5. Keep on stirring until the sambal cooked thoroughly. (I cooked until 'naik minyak')
6. Add in fish flakes and pour coconut cream into the pan.
7. Season with salt accordingly.
8. Let boil.
9. Serve your laksa with sliced onion, taugeh, lettuce, cucmber, sambal belacan and etc. 

So simple right? But believe me, it turned out so sedap and fulfilling. My husband is not a fan of laksa but he likes this one and you guessed it right..I had problems stopping him that night T_T

Well, I guess the 'How to make Malaysian dishes from canned-tuna' series end here. For now. hahaha xp


  1. Oishii sou
    Ai still pantang laksa ni
    Tgk ni sgt terlioq ok��
    But my fav of coz laksa Penang ngeee

    1. pantang laksa?Gapo?I pun suke sangat2 laksa utara.Sebab ada masam2 gitu kan.Tp husband i tak berapa gemar, so..sobs..

  2. Org kedah mostly after bersalin mmg pantang sthn laksa ni...but ikut org part pantang ni strict sket even nowadays ramai jer x pantang lepaih bersalin tu....Rindunyer nak mkn laksa boh cabai byk2 uwaaaa

    1. lor yeke..takpa..lagi bape BULAN je lagi.bahaha xp



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