Thursday, May 15, 2014

Canned-tuna keropok lekor

Yours truly is not a fan of keropok lekor. If in KL, I had always prefer pisang goreng stall every single time. But le husband loves keropok lekor though. Maybe because of his darah pantai timur or he just loves any fried food. Anyway, I had once tried making keropok lekor from the scratch. From cleaning the fish and so on. I failed that. The keropok turns out so hard like seriously can make hole when you throw it to the wall. And very salty too..Yea, cause the recipe I followed wasn't giving me proper measurement, thus I can't know how it looks like or feels like at every stage. This isn't helping when I never see uncooked keropok lekor.

Moving on, one day in the year in which I was so busy that testing a recipe is not an option, one of my favorite blogger The Daily Muses posted on her blog on how to make keropok lekor from canned-tuna. I always believe in her recipe. I immediately saved it on my iPad in a "must keep forever" folder. hahaha. Only recently I get to try making them and mashaAllah it was so easy and I love how soft the keropok lekor turned out. My keropok lekor turns out like the losong one and the non-losong one (I don't know its name) mixed! Isn't it great? I love losong for its softness to the teeth and doesn't fill my tummy much. But doesn't like how it is easily melt in the puddle of sauce. Meanwhile, the non-losong one is just to me, too hard to the teeth. ahaha xp. 

Another thing is, it is from the canned-tuna??How can I not try that??Because I just hate the process that you need to extract the fish flesh, yadda2..omg..traditional keropok lekor making is so tedious. Tapi sedap kan..haruslah tabah. 

Canned-tuna keropok lekor made in Japan :D
Here is the recipe (taken from The Daily Muses) and altered according the things you can find in Japan:
6 x 80g tuna flakes in oil or water (it is okay because you will drain the liquid later)
Just a bit of cold water (since your tuna already in flakes)
1.5 cups of tapioca flour (I only know this flour exist in Japan, as for sago, can anybody tell me what it is called?sighhh..)
1.25 cups of plain flour (just standby a bowl more for shaping purposes)
salt to taste 

1) Drain the tuna flakes.
2) Mash the tuna flakes a bit more by adding the cold water. No need to flood the fish. Just enough to make the flakes blend well.
3) Add in the flour and salt and mix them together.
4) Boil a pot of water.
5) Roll the dough to the shape you desired. lol xp It would be really sticky and fragile. So, what I did was I roll them on a puddle of plain floor, and immediately dump them into the boiling water.
6) Dump them into the boiling water. Let boil.
7) Recover those who already floated.
8) Store in the freezer or can immediately fry them.

Now everybody can make keropok lekor ^_^

Selamat mencuba :D

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