Monday, April 21, 2014

Welcome to Louvelle

Finally, our home is open for visit (call first!). 

Last Sunday, we finally did our housewarming. 
Not much to write. Just sharing with you the moments here :)

It was a buffet style. What do you expect? ahaha..

First menu: Chicken rice.

2nd menu: Meatball spaghetti.

Dessert: Seri muka and ichigo.

All were made from scratch and promised to be as organic as possible! 

All eyes are on the star-of-the-day

Thank you for coming everyone! Sedih kan??Ni je warga Malaysia di Hiroshima City. Many are them are residing in the countryside where the main campus of Hiroshima University is located. 

The happiest guest of the day!
Unfortunately 'this' is not edible..haha. tahan jela geram tu you ols >,<
The building where we live is named Louvelle. Like seriously guys..
Maybe it is strict for lovebirds like us!ahaha..


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