Saturday, April 19, 2014

Hiroshima Big Family

I didn't know that husband has been living around Hiroshima prefecture for 3 years before! It was the second state he had been living in after living in Tokyo for his preparation course. That was long time ago. During our "zaman bercinta" I never asked. Or he did tell, but I just couldn't care less. When we arrived to Hiroshima for the first time, that was in the late of 2010, I was feeling so weird because he knows very much about the city. He knows where to find the city hall, the government office, etc. My tutor was pretty much not functioning as he has taken care of everything necessary. I thought he was doing it with GPS or something. Then whenever he came visit, we go jalan-jalan he started telling me stories what happened years ago around the place and how the places we passed by was significant to him. Then I started to catch up. haha..

The point is, he never have thought he will come back to the city where everything started for him. Will this city being the last for him living in Japan, only Allah s.w.t knows. 

So, it is not "Welcome to Hiroshima" for him, but instead, "Welcome back to Hiroshima!".

Since we arrived around the time where sakura was at the peak, it was only right to bring him to Malaysians' hanami where he can mingle with other Malaysians. This is a good time to introduce him to others. For us living abroad, catching up among other Malaysians is important as they are considered the nearest family we have. Although most of them living far away from us. haha. 

I thought he needed introduction. I was wrong again. Turn out, many of them knows each other already. Sigh..

Well, doakan our rezeki to one day being able to push our baby like this :')

Hiroshima City family. I know..very small. ahaha.But we are good:)
FYI, most Malaysians (in fact, most foreigners) live in Saijou. The countryside of Hiroshima, where the main campus is located. 

I shall thank Aimi, if it wasn't because of her, there were only us 4. Aimi produced another one. A big contribution to the population. Introducing..Adam :)

Us, Malaysians in Hiroshima, 2014.

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