Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The real first home

I love my new house. It is specially designed to protect our privacy. A good excuse for me to choose a unit at the ground floor (here, they refer it as the first floor). Previously, husband does not fancy living at the ground floor to protect my aurah. I love open window and open everything, hence, ground floor is not an option. So, when he found a house designed to protect privacy, what else left to do, hit yes button!

I'm sorry, I lied! We didn't even consider things like that when we looked for this house. 

Only one factor we mentioned to the agent.
      "Find us a newly built house".

Husband who is so particular about..houses, cars..emm..wait, everything! (except a wife?) chose a house which will be done just a week before we arrived. So, during the booking, we only have a floor plan with us. Had no idea whatsoever how it'll look like and the top floor has been all booked T_T That' how we were left for the ground floor (which I secretly fancied).

When we get the photos (two days before our departure to Hiroshima), we were surprised to see how nice it is although smaller than my imagination (because the price is just too absurd!). It has balcony that allows you to be all uncovered (I'm talking about my hair). Basically, it is design to protect your privacy. It has a little gate, a little garden and an island kitchen which yey!

We are at our "real first home"
After years going against me for a ground floor home, now he can't get over how convenient it is living without the need to panjat tangga everyday. Especially when dealing with my shopping stuff, he will just dump everything through that window behind me (in the picture) -_-"

He must have totally forgotten (or pretend to forgot) on how he has been against the idea of living on the ground floor for the previous 29 years of his life. Now he insisted on how brilliant he is choosing the ground floor whenever we wanted to step into the house -_-"

By the way, how do you remind your husband of his oldself?

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