Thursday, April 17, 2014

Say NO to plastic bag!

A new rule has been implemented in Selangor about 4 years ago (if I'm not mistaken), is the 'No plastic bag on Saturday'. Well I think "rule" is not appropriate here. A "campaign" is much more appropriate. When I first hear this, I was so delighted to give my full cooperation! I can't believe finally our country (or is it just in Selangor) would really do such a thing. I strongly recommend this campaign to be done everyday. Why only Saturday? It's like more cheat days in diet! (or am I too exaggerating?). But of course I understand, the state government is trying not to be so mean, so they start small first. I hope. 

Anyway, I'm not saying that I am good at this though. I cursed sometimes for the time I forgot that it is Saturday and I went shopping just with my fancy handbag which could only accommodate my purse and phone. So..yes, I am also 'manusia biasa' although deep down I know the campaign is for a good cause. The thing is, I forgot to carry bags almost on all Saturday -_-". 

Although the state government trying to be nice by implementing the rule just for a day (for the purpose of education), I think I know how this can get better for the citizen. Shall we?

Make it not as just a campaign. It has to be everyday, for every person. If it is not for all supermarkets or department stores, make it for most of the stores. Like in Japan, when this is known to everybody, we are forced to carry shopping bags. This has made me a well-planned person in shopping occasion. heh. 
I think this is going to be easier for everybody to get used to when it is done everyday rather than just on one day. When it is done everyday, people will get used to it much faster. Just like what happened to me here. It is much easier to get myself used to this culture when it is for everyday.

Doing abrupt shopping and did not bring own shopping bags??

No worries..
Supermarkets here are providing small boxes for those who did not carry own shopping bags :') complete with the cellotape.

Fold the box of your choice and pack up your shopping stuff! 

Well, it is Japan. Their hospitality towards customer is totally on a very different level with us. But they just show that some things are not just imaginary. It is doable, as long as there are reciprocity between customers and sellers. Let's copy what we can of them. hihi.

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