Friday, April 18, 2014

Last remaining hours in Toyohashi, Aichi-ken

I have been living in Japan for 3 and a half years, and I have moved to 3 different houses (including the recent one). Even thinking about it makes me feel tired. Sigh..So, in average I moved once a year T_T
Although I have moved twice before, but it is nothing compared to the recent one, the intercity move, I would say.

Anyway, this time around it was totally different and 100 times harder for me. There are so many things to pack given that apparently, a guy has a lot more things than us girls (if apparels are not in the list). Last time I moved, I cannot remember packing up TVs, so many cubes of speakers in many sizes and shapes which I'm not sure for which devices. Don't make me start with all the bulky desktop with alien-looking CPU. sigh..that has to wait for him. And to make things worse, he still went to work until the last hour we were in Toyohashi. "So Japanese".

To tell you the truth, I really want to call for the movers to do all the packing and delivering. It was just full of headache with the packing alone. Haha. Unfortunately, all movers were fully booked! I just couldn't believe this. The best option for us was to pack our own things and call for the door-to-door courier company. If we book the slot a few more hours later, I heard, they were also fully booked. Thank God we had a slot. Phew..Those who couldn't get, they had to rent a lorry and drive the stuff themselves to the later home. If the distance involved 300km, maybe we could. But ours will be about 750km T_T How can we go back and forth T_T 

We have so many things to throw away especially the bulky things like the bedframe, the refrigerator, stove, etc. This is not Malaysia where you can just dump them in front of your house and the next hour there will be no shadow of the anymore. In here, you have to plan everything even your garbage. We could too, if we have more time. Husband and me just arrived 2 weeks before our moving day from different continents, so, garbage planning was at the bottom of the list. That time, we didn't even booked a house at Hiroshima. But we already started pack things up. Yes, without the latter address. Hahaha..

A day before we moved. Waiting for the courier company. And husband is calculating all the cost on the only furniture left. bahaha xp 

Low tolerant to waiting..made him this. Angkat sendiri sampai bawah. Wasting upah tau this guy.

Initially he just wanted to get a few stuff down while waiting for the lorry. Pastu angkat sampai habis. bahaha. Me??Then who gonna take this picture?

The courier company at the crime scene. Pasti gembira melihat layanan customer serupa ini. Takyah susah-susah gitu T_T

Our breakfast spot almost everyday for the last few days. I would consider to review about this awesome cafe in the future. Cantik sangat!

The labels. Because I don't want strangers to know the content #bimbomoment.
This was before husband said "just write it in Bahasa Malaysia". Yea, he only gave me the idea after box 23. and we had 25 boxes. Penat tau lukis T_T

Our last stop before exiting Nagoya was, Toyohashi University. Because I forced him to take his photo here for memory. Sigh..
Look!the fully bloomed sakura behind me. We had to miss all of them though. Then we left for Kobe...

To be continued...

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