Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The Chronicles of the X-Men and... Me

I just don't watch a depressing movie. Well, depressing to me might not be depressing to you. I love jokes and of course that is the kind of movie I would love to watch. Movies which can make me laugh. This too, is applicable to person I would rather be with. Those with sense of humor. 

Because of this, I might probably be the last person who would watch any sad movies or depressing with lots of bloods, bullets, tortured. That includes the not-so-funny superhero movies. Funny one like Iron man, I gladly watch them. Again it is because Iron Man has sense of humor. In this case, X-Men has been one movie I never watch. Never because there is not a trace of funny element in it. ahaha... Isn't it great if one of the X-Men is written to be funny as hell, so people like me would have purpose watching the movies?

However, the recent X-Men has caught my attention. Simply because Jennifer Lawrence is in it. I have been her biggest fan ever since The Silver Lining Playbook. I think she is just crazy talented. I like her acting and her in person (as the media wrote it). I'd just watch whatever movies with her in it now. That includes the X-Men of course, although I have no idea what-so-ever what or who is the X-Men.

As usual, I told A my wish to watch X-Men. I predicted he must be happy when I, myself asking to go watch the X-Men. That has never happened for any super heroes movie or any movies with element I elaborated above. He is indeed very excited with the idea, if not, he had to wait until it is available to be downloaded. lol xp. 

I have to tell you girls, be careful of what you wish for. As soon as he hear the plans, he came out with a greater plan for me. The X-Men movie that I wanna watch will come out in a week. So, he suggested a week-long re-run of previous X-Men movies so that I can understand what I will be watching. He immediately got up and went through his movies library and look for the previous X-Men movies. He told me, maybe I may not be able to watch all because he thought he had deleted a few (which is, thank God!). Unfortunately (for yours truly), he found every files, and..I was made to watch X-Men movies every night for 4 or 5 days (I lost count T_T).

Of course every time we played the movie, he will be the one who watched it like it was his first time. I, on the other hand, read "Why Japanese Women do not get fat" book which I got it in a good bargain at the second hand shop. 

Before every movies which I still can't remember how many are they, he even questioned me trivia from the previous episodes. Surprisingly though, I answered it all correctly because it happened that I actually listened to the movies. 

One time, because I get so annoyed with his trivia, I made him answer mine. Vocabulary has been his weakness. Whenever I want to win a fight with him, I will make him answer a question with complicated vocabulary.
So, I asked him "what is the Wolverine's claws are made of?"
His face quickly changes and I know he doesn't know the answer or he doesn't know how to pronounce it. Either way, I still win.

The answer is "Adamantium".
And of course I didn't catch it from any of the movies he played for me. I knew this for a very long time already. Watch this clip, then you know. It felt so good winning this one, because I get to watch what ever I want that particular night. Phew..

Oh, I have watched the recent X-Men movie.
My review? They are two words for it: Jennifer Lawrence.
Yea, I think the movie is written just to flaunt her. A J-Law movie I won't watch for twice.

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  1. I watch X-men cartoons since my childhood and I cannot even tell you how much I like x men characters. They are just fab and those were my ideals when I was a child.



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