Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Salmon roll for beginner

There are two reasons why finally I made the attempt to try cook Japanese food:

1) It is the easiest (in terms of handling) for picnic purposes. Looks like we are going to picnic more often now, it gives me enough reason to finally try.
2) I decided (for us both) to start a healthy lifestyle. I'm not a good game changer. Therefore, I always take changes very slowly. I figure, let's start change what I cook slowly first! You and me know, what is the healthiest diet on the planet? That is of course, the Japanese cuisine. So, I figure, while I'm here, I need to take this opportunity. I don't want to listen to myself brags of regrets many years later.

Move on, I decided to start with Japanese food I love and I think it is easy to make. Let's learn how to make salmon roll, shall we?

What you need: 

1) Slices of salmon. 
2) Slices of avocado.
3) Slices of cucumber.
4) Seaweed.
5) Rice.
*Preparation of the rice: Mix Japanese rice with rice vinegar, salt and sugar. The smell will make you salivating!
6) Bamboo mat. (I wrap it with saran wrap)


1) Wet you hand.
2) Lay seaweed paper on the bamboo mat and spread the rice on top of it. I don't like my roll too dense with rice. So, I made sure the rice spread out thinly. I like my roll to be soft and fluffy.

3) Arrange the salmon, cucumber and avocado slice at one end of the rice.

4) Roll the bamboo mat slowly while giving a soft pressure on it. Just roll the bamboo mat, it will come out like this! I also had no idea how it become like this. But I made it. I mean the bamboo mat did it! ahaha xp. I watched you tube and I just couldn't get how, until I tried it myself. ehehe. So, you should. Get the feeling, then you understand what I mean :D The bamboo mat did the magic here actually :D

5) Lay saran wrap on the roll, and cut to the size of your preference. I like bite-sized. So, I cut it to eight parts. 
What's nice about being able to make your own roll is that, I can put as much filling I want. Usually, the ready-made one would have very densed rice and very little salmon and avocado. By being able to make this myself, I can put more lauk in it! This is awesome! Of course this is the most delicious salmon role I have ever had, ever!

These are our packed-dinner last weekend. We went to the stadium to watch baseball :) Our current favorite past-time activity:) 

Going to my favorite weekly activity now. Watching baseball with packed lunch/dinner :) 

So, what is your favorite past time with your loved ones? 

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