Thursday, August 21, 2014

Aidilfitriku 1435H

I supposed when I write this one memory down, it will help me refresh my memory later.
That's why I decided to write. 

Well, this one will be about my Syawal 1435. 
We hadn't have many days to celebrate Syawal. We only had until day 3. I feel sad of course know, I love Syawal more than my birthday! We have to carefully plan our time so that we wouldn't miss anything.

The night before the 1st of Syawal, takbir at my in laws. I love this event!

We spent raya morning at my mother's. These are my nieces and nephew at duit raya delegation event. bahaha xp. Oh, I miss them :)

My nephew lost his Playstation, so PakLang came to the rescue! Thank you PakLang!

With my soulmate forever until jannah, inshaAllah:) 

The family of my side minus my mother. She's just doesn't like taking photo. So...sigh...haha.
Then, in the afternoon we left for Temerloh. Visiting Mr. A grandma with other relatives. Alhamdulillah the journey was a smooth one although we have no idea how to get there and where is the house. We happened to pass by a small junction which my memory recognize, and tadaaaa....we were there in 1.5hour. That's quite an achievement :)

Inroducing Girl's Generation AAW. That's our initial. they are my sisters in law who taught me Running Man. heh. Oh, it's been a while since I watch RM. How many episodes are there already?

Family photo 1

8X clan.
Yea, it was a very blue raya. Im glad I decided on royal blue:)
What's yours?
Eh, I still haven't finished!

Syawal 2nd
On the second day, my in laws held an open house. Oh, who doesn't love open house!!

Para pelayan menunggu ketibaan tetamu jemputan :)

Among the guests

Guests again.

Us! Oh, it's very hard to dress a husband! *roll eyes* I have to wear something that can match whatever I can find him. See...that's why I need a bigger wardrobe, to meet the probability! hahah!

My relatives.

Syawal 3rd

Managed to squeeze 2 houses and....a trip to Tesco to buy groceries to bring back to Japan. We left for the airport that night...sobss.

This gorgeous home belongs to my brother in law. If any of you can recognize him and his wife-the writer of the famous book, Diagnosis. 

A must to do. Visiting my best friend. How I wish Im in KL. We can meet up more often. InshaAllah Yani, give me a few more years. In the meantime, take care of yourself and that angel of yours:)

In front of KLIA2. It was 3am. I can't thank my in laws enough for driving us at an odd hour. Our flight got delayed for 5 hours. I can't imagine those who live outside KL. How do they cope with flight delay? Us, we can just go back home and sleep!hahah!

Our 5 hours delayed was compensate with sandwich and bottled water. I appreciate the thought and what's more, the sandwich was really tasty. Good job AirAsia!

At first I was a bit mad at Air Asia for the delay. I was putting myself at the situation what if...I don't have 5 hours to waste? But then, I guess this was a blessing a disguise. At that early morning, 3 am I gotta see KLIA2 closer. We had breakfast and filled our hand luggage with Johnny Rocket's burger! It was a nice 5 hour delay after all:)

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