Saturday, August 23, 2014

Steamed nasi dagang

I can't believe my eyes either. I cooked nasi dagang without feeling tired and the taste it delicious (according to self. bahaha xp)

I'm no expert for this. But, I would like to share with you how to cook nasi dagang. I put it here in case any of you pakar in nasi dagang, came across this entry, please share with me some tips or better correct me if I did wrong.

I didn't get proper lesson for nasi dagang. My mother in law is an expert. But, I haven't got the opportunity to learn closely of the process. I just knew the theory from what she told me. When I pack the rice to bring to Japan, she doesn't just pack me the rice, she always spill the way of cooking it to perfection. Unfortunately, whenever I want to cook it, I always forgot. Which step is the first? What I remember strongly was I have to soak the beras first! So, while soaking, I browse through the internet hoping for step-by-step how to cook nasi dagang using a steamer. I looked for ones that resembles my mother in law's recipe. But there are none. So, I settled with my logic.


2 cups of nasi dagang rice 
1 and a half cup of santan cair
half cup santan concentrate
5 pieces small red onions (dimayang-slice to thin perfection)*There's none in Japan, I settled with a quarter of big onion*
4cm of ginger (diracik halus-slice to thin perfection)
a small spoon of fenugreek beads (halba)


1) Rinse the rice 
2) Soak rice in water for overnight (at least 4 hour)
3) Discard water
4) Steam rice for 45 minutes (until the rice soften)
5) Meanwhile, soak the fenugreek beads in water.
6) Pour santan cair (until the same level of the rice)
7) Steam rice in santan (30minutes)
8) Take out the rice and mix rice with thinly-sliced onions, garlic, santan concentrate and funegreek beads. Mix well and make sure the rice is not too dampen with santan. Add a bit salt and sugar to taste.
9) Steam the rice for 10 minutes.


While you cook the rice, you can prepare the gulai and acar. I find cooking nasi dagang is very relaxing. No rush whatsoever. But provided only if you cook it for a few people! kalau masak untuk open house tu..sigh...haha.

Ok, if you have anything to add, please drop a comment or two!

See you later!

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