Friday, September 5, 2014

SUNGLASSES -How to rock it like 'the' MIRANDA KERR!


Sunglasses are seen to be the accessory used to prep up outfits without much effort and look stunning everywhere you go. The best thing is women do not have to take time applying makeup as the sunglasses could cover up those nasty dark circles under the eyes. One of the famous celeb who is a big fan of sunglasses is the former Victoria Secret model, successful businesswomen and mother, Miranda Kerr. This woman never fails to impress and WOW others with her amazing fashion sense and various designs of sunglasses that she has in her collection. There are three types of sunglasses this chic and sassy lady often flaunt around town which are the oversized sunglasses, aviator and cat-eye. The oversized sunglasses might be hard for women with heart shaped or small framed face to pull off but Miranda Kerr definitely proved us wrong. Miranda made the oversized sunglasses work for her by pulling her hair back into a bun to create balance and highlight her face features. 

The next one is the famous aviator sunglasses which are among the favourite type of eyewear a majority of people choose to match with their outfits. This is because it normally fits well with most face shapes and Miranda is always seen to match aviators with her various fashion looks. She will let her hair down or pull it up anytime she prefers as aviators are versatile to be worn in the streets without having to worry of it ruining your appearance.  This women who is always busy working and taking care of her lovely son, Flynn, has to constantly be up and ready to go and a pair of aviator sunnies serves her best.

The third type of sunglasses which is the cat-eye is a very feminine choice for women to have in their fashion collection. Miranda looks stunning with her cat-eyes sunglasses paired with a bodycon dress as it perfectly fits well with her small framed face. This Aussie supermodel and entrepreneur lets her hair down flowing freely to better accentuate her heart shaped face. Women can try this look with their outfits for an elegant and softer appearance. If you are wondering where to get new sunglasses, check out ZALORA and purchase from their wide range of sunglasses designs online.

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