Tuesday, September 9, 2014

My patience

There's no secret...one of the blog I love to read is....my own. bahahaha xp

So, here it goes.

I have a friend who WAS a lecturer at one of this public university (who I shall not mention here).
After just a few years, she decided to leave for good. That time she was just in her mid 20's. So young and yet still is taking that decision. If you are familiar with the absurd challenges you have to face in order to place yourself as an academician at a public university, deciding to leave after just a few years is not easy (or is it my university who have this are-they-trying-to-kill-me sort of requirements to be offered a permanent post).

Anyway, the reason for her doing that was because of her tolerant to teach students who can't seem to get the knowledge easily. I don't want to say the word here. I don't know if I'm being bias here by telling only her side of story. But, that's one of the factor besides she was having the separation anxiety that many of new mothers are experiencing. I was surprised because this comes from one woman whom I look up to for her brilliance, patience, and determination. She is one of the best figure to look up to if you are trying to become a better woman. Well, of course I thought of it as just a dream to be like her. If I wanted to, I would need to be born again..bahaha xp because she is such a beautiful human being.

I told my husband this story like 44 times (lol xp), especially when I need to stress out why I never leaving my current university. I don't have even the tiny fraction of patience she has. So, the option to try that institution she had left for her own peace of life, is never been discussed.

Now, I started to consider to apply for this university because it is so near to our house (when we come back for good later, inshaAllah). It took me maybe about 10 minutes door to door! My current institution where I work now located in KL. The traffic is NO JOKE especially if you have to come all the way from the area where we will be staying. Urghh...I love the house so much, I put behind the fact that I have to cross the sea of cars every morning for journey to work. warghhhh!!! and I cannot remember when was my last time had to punch in and out. Oh, I probably had never done that. Arghhh!!!

Lately, I revealed to my husband that I'm considering this university. I thought that everybody may have different experience. Different place are meant for different people. That's called rezeki. I have repeated this idea quite a few time to him now but he still thinks I'm joking.

Last night, we watched the movie 'Divergent'. You know that movie? The concept of the movie is like 'The Hunger Games' except you don't need to kill each other for a vague reason. I love the movie that I made him watch four times in two nights. It wasn't too much right? Whenever we watch movies together, he has always been one who have difficulties to understand or just can't wait for the end of the story to know the answers for all his questions that obviously are the same questions I will be asking. So, while watching 'Divergent' on repeat, he also asked me questions which he has asked in previous session! Whenever he asked the same question, I will answer and followed by "You already asked me this question before!" with slightly high-pitched intonation.

Then he answered "Tanya dua kali pun tak boleh. Kalau macam ni, macam mana nak ajar kat Universiti ***** nanti?"


He really likes to address how thin my patience is.

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