Monday, October 6, 2014

AidilAdha pertama.

I know it wasn't a big deal to mention. Bahaha..
But I figure I need to mention something significant so that the photo posted on my instagram account has meaning to me, and people can put their disgust to rest. haha.
Us at our first Aidiladha together. Like finally!! *my instagram post captioned something like that*

I have been living in this beautiful place for 4 years already, but never once I celebrated any raya at our beautiful masjid (thank you so much to who donated their money so that muslim here has our own place to gather). So of course when aidiladha arrives, Hiroshima masjid was on our mind.

We arrived just in time for solat and as among of late arrival, I had to pray at the hallway. But, it's okay because trust me, the masjid is so nice you can pretty much pray at any gaps! There are so many muslims in Hiroshima apparently, especially of arab descents. I haven't had the opportunity to properly talk to any of them as I always confuse how do I converse? Is it english..or..but I only can converse in english and Malay! I can't speak nihongo..especially to the non-Japanese! see my first world problem? 

Soon after we finished the prayer (and minutes which feels like hours confusing waiting), we all moved to the home of one Malaysian here cause to tell you the truth, we don't have Malaysian hall here. Kind of sad :/ Nevertheless, thank you to the newlywed for organizing the eid party. 

My eiduladha dish :) 

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