Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Caffeine withdrawal syndrome?

Is there any terms like that?
Caffeine. It is one type of addictive substances, but I am much convinced that I would not be so much dependent on it to be fully 'functioning' every morning.
Take yesterday as an example. I decided to give myself a break from coffee. As a result, I felt lethargic the whole day!I had even taken a nap for an hour..AT HOME!lol XD.
I am usually not a nap person, but yesterday, akibat menahan diri daripada mengambil coffee..that's what happen to me. Or is it simply because I was exhausted?
Have you ever experienced any of this after refraining yourself from the sip coffee?
I can't imagined if I am pregnant and have to avoid coffee. Not having coffee alone left me with 3rd trimester pregnancy syndrome, let alone pregnancy+no coffee. Oh well, many people can do it, why not me.
As long as it doesn't kill, right?right?
So, I decided I should have it while I can:)

Have a nice day everyone!


  1. erm..pelan2 ler..kot2 nnt nk peknan alah pada caffein ker..hihihi :)

  2. saya mmg xminat caffein, bila minum pening T_T

  3. wanie, aritu i'm craving badly for a cup of coffee i amik decaf coffee since i'm pregnant kan. lepas minum 1 cawan, ok dah lega.

  4. Qyla:tak alah pon x boleh T_T
    Anaztasia:I mcm tu kalo minom nescafe je.lol XD.if coffee bean ok je sedap:P
    Moose: I hope it'll work for me too when the time comes:)



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