Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shukkeien Garden, Hiroshima City

Little that I know..there is a beautiful garden nearby my house! I never thought it was as beautiful >,<
I heard about this garden a lot of times before from the other foreigners. It was 5 minutes cycling from my house, hence the procrastination for months.
Because a visit to Onomichi turned out as a total failure, we decided to enjoy sakura nearby. Oh well, all sakuras the same anyways. hehe..
So, that's why we ended up going to aforementioned garden; the Shukkeien.
In my mind this garden is like another garden we can see everywhere tu..where people come and go with their dogs and kids.
Surprisingly, it was a paid-entrance garden. Starting from 250en for adult, 150en for student (that's me) and 100en for kids. Cheap still..but paid??
Our arrival was sort of welcomed with many pairs of brides and grooms doing photoshoot and occupied almost all single spot of sakura. sigh...But we enjoyed their company still. Rare view of Japanese pengantins bersepah-sepah depan mata anda.
As we left the crowd and went further ahead, that's when we got surprised by the landscape of the garden.
Only then we understand why this garden become the talk of my friends:)

Seifuu Pond. Around this pond ada banyak japanese style pondok2. Since the day we went here marking the official day of spring, many of the pondok already occupied. It's like finally they can stay outdoor. 

The bridge called, Kokoo-kyou. This garden has been existed for decades. Since before the world war II. During the devastating atomic bomb tragedy, many people seek refugees in here although this space was also severely affected. The only remained was this bridge while the other was immediately cleared out.

One of the shot we had at an area called "White Dragon Spring". When you passed this area,  you will only see such a view whenever you look up. Magnificent.  Be careful to watch your step as you walk. There are many people lying down the ground, sun bathing under bushes of sakura. 

You will see pondok-pondok macam ni. But this time it was closed.

A huge pond located in the middle of the garden. It was huge I initially thought it was a lake. Sangat bersih, well taken care of, full with tortoise, carps and many other fishes jumping up and down the surface. hehe..such a stress reliever:)

Sakura spot lagi..filled with many more bride and grooms:)

Japanese landscape from one end to another.

Carps everywhere.

Surprisingly, my husband had a good time here. I was at first worried of how he will enjoy himself in a pretty garden?>,< Apparently he likes it. Yokatta ne.
This garden is well preserved and taken care of. Lavatory at its tip top condition, cleanliness is beyond the word clean could explain. What's worth every penny la senang cerita..>,<

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