Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Came true.

Dreaming is worth doing.
I am sometimes a hopeless romantic. It's just that sometimes I just keep on dreaming, not really doing anything to realize the tonnes of dreams I had.
One of it, simply killing times with my loved ones, cycling around a beautiful place (like I've seen in movies).
But of course I just think of it as a dream which deserved to be forgotten coz I live in KL..cuaca yang sangat panas begitu sapa je nk join me:/ Maybe possible if just around the park. 
Now I live in a community who prefers biking than driving. yatta!!
And the city is provided with bicycle road, many parks, for me to imagine myself be in a movie. hehe..
I never thought I will be able to do this for hundred days to come. Not to forget the view which is better than what I saw in movies:')

Married to him, a dream came true..

This, is another dream came true.



  1. bole buat scrapbook nnt tunjuk kat anak2.hehee

  2. Reen:kene g Genting/Cameron la kalo dh bersiar2 mengambil angin dgn beskal..hehe
    Asfahani: InshaAllah..begitula plan jangka pjg:D



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