Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Onomichi. Sigh..

Why am i sighing here?
How can I forget!Last year we could not had hanami together since yes, no money for going back that frequently. So, I just had my first with a bunch of Malaysians by the river of Hiroshima City. Nonetheless it was one superb hanami with magnificent view I have ever seen in my life.

So, this year, I had it well planned (konon). Hubby is required to arrive at certain weekend in April with her wife did not care how he will have to do it. Hehe..I lantik diri sebagai master plan for our first hanami.
I chose Onomochi as the location since that place has left me an image for the best hanami spot (ever that I know..although I am very sure that hanami could be done anywhere as long as there's sakura tree!).
Well, knowing me..I always overreacting. It's like all or nothing gitu:P

Because I am so pandai like that..my menu was..adelah kan..tapi sempat buat cucur badak je T___T (first timer cucur badak pula tu T__T). So, gentel2 sorang2..tetibe dah pukul 1 T___T
So, siapnya cucur badak jela. Lol XD. And I already told him..no lunch till we got there T__T (I oso cannot eat..have to show good example as master of the plan:|)

After about 1.5hrs of train ride, we finally arrived at Onomichi station.
The he started showing me the spot where he used to lepak during his student year..the tangga he used to run carrying luggages, catching up with trains to the airport, the ferry he used to ride..the et cetra.
So, what is the point I bringing him here T__T *saya konon nk jadi tourist guide for south visit you know...since he now lives in the north:/*
It's okay...I told myself coz he told me although he familiar with Onomichi, he never gone up the hill. *grin*
So, we walk along the main road looking for the ropeway (cable car). I would not dare to walk up the steep hills again. Once is enough, although he tried to dragged me up using the scary looking stairs. No! >,<

When he was about to doubting my proposal into taking a ropeway, we saw the station just a few meters away. pheww!!
Kalau daki sendiri, it'll take 45minutes to arrive to top. That's if you are not stopping along the way for photography session. People preferred that due to the many attractions offered along the way whereby you can find numbers of art museums and temples classified as world's heritage. Also, you can find a breathtaking view of sakura along the way:)Priceless, I know. But..I passed:P

Here's some of the view from the ropeway I managed to capture since the ride took only...3 minutes:/
The houses and temples are builts by the hill. Macam kt Greece tu:P I wonder mcm mana lantai dlm rumah derang...Lol XD

Onomichi is a place famous for its port. From the top of the hill, you can see kilang buat kapal:)

That's the temple, classified as one of the World's heritage. I had once been there, I swear the view from there was magnificent!

Another island across ^_^

Somebody is going into the light?

Cucur badak baru masak (nak mention juga), bihun (semalam) and grapes :D

Here's the climax.
No sakura T___T Very few sakura tree with..sakura T__T 
To wives, when you face a situation like this, first thing first, show your husband 'the face' so he won't start any commenting and try not to stare at his 'try-to-tahan-smirk' face. It's not helping.
It's a stressful situation I must say..hmm..

Inilah rupa pokok sakura tanpa dgn putik sakura T___T

Adela sepohon dua yang dah tumbuh..kalo nak sepohon dua..depan rumah pon ada T___T


So, what I do was just find the spot (apparently there were so few people..you can park yourself anywhere..anywhere.sigh..). And eat. Well, my husband is good. He tried to make a point and made me laugh..well, I was eventually made fun of myself T__T.
Onomichi ni..huuu...why you no follow other sakura ler??>,<

The cable car.

Despite sakuraless (again)..we did have fun time in Onomichi. He brought me visited places where he had once been. How does the place connected to us..(lol XD). So, I discover other part of Onomichi other than the hill where I always called "syurga sakura" (over kan>,<).

We went back, tired. Next day, we went around cycling enjoying sakura..kat Hiroshima City jek:/
Still, we had fun and..sun burnt >,<


  1. cantek sungguh gambar cover di atas :)

  2. hehehe..gamba mggu lepas:') kan??sbb tu rase nk pampang jd banner..tp x reti sgt:'( boleyylaaa..lol XD

  3. Natsukashinaaa...onomichi....lot's of memories there.........

  4. soune:) hajimemashita Lumpkins:)

  5. you already know me lah Wani....ur husband's kohai zaman yuge kot....huhu...

  6. ha?kt mana?kita pernah jmpa ke >,< sorry x ingat T__T

  7. aiyoooo...u jumpa i, i dah gemok sgt ke...kan kita pernah shopping kain gile2 ngan yan dulu hik hik

  8. mashaALlah..Shaz ke>,< gomen!!!lol XD.i click on ur name, and apparently u ada blog:') yey!!I linked you:) write more often k:D

  9. hi stumbled ur blog looking for japanese stuff. u look familiar. r u from sains muar? wish i could be in japan too.



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