Friday, April 20, 2012

I'm not sure

I got myself busy since end of last year. Because of that, I used to skip meals especially lunch. 
If I didn't skip any, my mealtime went haywire. I let myself to be really starving, only then I went looking for food. 
Surprisingly after that, I gained weight and my cycle became irregular.
Went for checkup and the doctor which is my friend here, told me I was fine, the menses were there and I should let myself a little bit loose.
So, she meant I was in stress. Well, I pretty much sure I wasn't that stress:/ 
In here, drugs are not easily handed to you. If nature could take it's course, they will try to let it be, wait a little bit more as long as it does not hurt. 
Not after a month (!), my menses showed themselves. 
What I did was, train myself to be on time for every meal and do light exercise occasionally which got me started doing yoga. Well, I wasn't doing real yoga, just enough to stretch here and there and feel good after that. But that can do. I think.
So, until this moment, I got the weight before I everything became haywire. 
However, I'm not sure whether all of what I just told you are entirely true.
Whether work is the cause. Cause honestly, I still feel that I was pretty much can still handle the workload and pressure. It isn't as hard as people think it is. Maybe, just maybe that was due to my emotional instability after months of separation with you-know-who. Now, we are much closer, I am much much happier, hence the health:)
So, you could pretty much affects you in so many ways.
Be careful to fall in one:)
Have a great day ahead.



  1. kak wani, skip meals boleh sbb kan metabolic rate kita low or reduce. sbb tuh bila u skip meals, n tahan till lapar, u gain weight... it's good if u kekalkan ur eating style mcm dulu, makan sikit tapi kerap ;) itu lbh baik... seres.. ;) take care...

  2. I know:D..thank u btw for the concern:D



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