Thursday, April 19, 2012

Jemput datang^_^

Hiroshima adalah bandar yang terkenal dgn banyak sungai. Rumah yours truly pun terletak di tepi sungai. Yes, just like in a movie. It's just my house is an a-pa-to (apartment). I know would be better if it's a bungalow:D 

Despite, I am so bersyukur dengan apa yang takdir telah bagi. I know not many are given opportunity like this. Anyways, I just moved ..upstairs. Lol XD.
Let's see around:) 
From top left; bed room, living room+study station (like am gonna study at home), kitchen , divider between kitchen and living room, inside the dressing room (ada washing machine, toilet, shower and bath tub), hallway from the entrance. This is my new home:)

Wait!the best part is not shown there..
The best part beyond the glass door; by the balcony where you can see...

View like this :') Love <3
Jemput datang ^_^V

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