Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Soubetsukai episode 2

The first soubetsukai attended this year was..the Toyohashian's soubetsukai.
Unfortunately, the majlis fell on the same day with Hiroshima's soubetsukai. Nobody made me choose..haha..kebetulan I was in Toyohashi, plus it has been a long time since I met friends there and most of them whom I close with were among who were celebrated. Sedih betul ramai yang sudah mahu pulang (by now, most of them are maybe already home).

This soubetsukai sangat happening..siap ada theme black and white lagi.
There are games and lotsa food!!Yours truly tak buat apa pun..bawak bread pudding jek..hehe..
And the fun part was, the lucky draw session.
Actually it supposed to be called 'partial lucky draw':p coz although your named was called, but if you could not answer the question, your 'lucky' akan di open to next person.hehe..
That's happened to me..
My name was called and the question was...I have to give the meaning of kanjis which are shown on the slides. 
The person before me got them wrong, that's how my name was called next. When the first person kind of failing to answer that, I told the other girls, if it was me, don't bother to call..I know not a single kanji in this world >,< soon after that my name was called :/ How ironic.
The emcee then was kindhearted to let me get a 'talian hayat' because she knew I absolutely could not answer the questions >,<
So, my husband was the saviour, and I don't care the money was still mine:P keke...
Arigatou sayang!! Lol XD.

Well, ok. I did not bring my camera that night. hehe..only those I found in my phone:) full with..babies' pictures :D Like!
I was hoding a real baby okay..nampak macam babydoll jual kt kedai kan..comel T__T

More babies :D 

Toyohashian's ladies!! 

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  1. banyaknyer eih ramai nyer babiesss. baby jepun comel2 tak? geram kot pipi2 mereka.



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