Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soubetsukai...episode 1.

In Japan, April is consider the business new year. So, in March people will be busy for account closing also submission of end year reports.
Other than that, March is the month of graduation as well as month 'orang berhenti kerja'. Di Jepun, nak berhenti kerja pun ada masa yang sesuai also for cari kerja..
Because of all these, March is the month full with...SOUBETSUKAI (Farewell party).
Maybe the rows of soubetsukais have made me busy this month, hence lack of updates.

Let's start with the recent soubetsukai I attended. It was my department's; the surgery dept.

Our department parties are always held here; The sky lounge of the Rihga Royal Hotel. Awesome view from the 32nd floor of the hotel tower:) 

Farewell gift to Nakata sensei who is transferred to Onomichi General Hospital..bye2.

Yours truly.
 Ok, gambar seterusnya adalah gambar-gambar makanan..lol XD

Mix of seafood and mushrooms in tomato sauce kot..sedap >,<

While others are having meat, I was specially served with fish:D

Green soba..sama mcm MAS.haha

Dessert mystery. Nak cakap pudding..macam mousse..nak kate mousse mcm pudding sikit. Tapi yang pastinya..ichigo itu sgt manis >,<

This is my starter. I makan satu slice je. That's cheese platter. I don't eat cheese like this >,<
All of the above food costs RM400..luckily, I don't need to pay. Thank God..Oh, I never has to pay for any event I attended. I think it's fair enough for I guess most of the money will go to the alcohol. 

My quick update ends here. See you when I see you :D

p/s: the 'oishiiest' sushi adelah sushi hotel.

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