Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Paper bag: How it was easily made.

Anda semua masih ingat entry 'nikah doorgift'? which shows my nikah goodies packed in pink paper bag?
in which I promised to show you all the way to fold it? err yes..about 2 years ago??:S 

Gomennasai! *tunduk kuat-kuat selame 15 minit di situ*

Anyways, tadi I ter're-publish' my wedding album in facebook *_*
Not long after that, my friend asked me about that pink paper bag:P
And suddenly I had the urge to pay my entry debt about the bags which I owed so many of you which I am much convinced...dah selamat kahwin dah pun...*Gomen ne T____T*

So, it happened that I have some extra wrapping papers here in my office. I just bought a nice sellotape too :P
The folding only took me about 2 minutes to accomplish.
So, I think I got no more reason to postpone it. Here we go ^_^

Goodie bag lipat sendiri tanpa perlu mengukur

1. Lipat any wrapping paper of your interest kepada 8 bahagian yang sama.  

Lipat horizontally dulu into two parts.

And lipat sampai jadi gini..senang kan?

2. So now, you ada 8 petak kan?That's to make 4 bags. So, every 2 petak represent one bag. So, cut out 2 petak together like below.

2 petak yang dah di gunting keluar.

3. Next, pertemukan the two ends di tengah-tengah n selotepkan (untuk hasil yang lebih kemas, use double-sided tape)
So, you got a hollow shape gini.
 4. Next, get the most bulky gift you have to be used to budget the tapak (usually only needed for the first time, after that you will be so pandai agak:])
*This step is important as it will determine the size of the whole bag.

So, mine that day, the bulkiest was a box of tat nenas. So the lebar about this la. I have also a small yaasin book and tasbih. Both have no concern for the tapak:]

So, lipat ketat-ketat :]
 5. Lipat tapak cantik-cantik and kemas-kemas just like you wrap a present:) The ukuran tapak previously will give a fair adjustment for the height and lebar tepi juga. 
Lipat tepi dulu kuat-kuat.

and close the other side. Seal every sisi with selotape.

Lipat tapak tu macam ni.
 6. Now, kita buat sisi bag pula.

Just lipat both ends ke tengah macam ni. Lebarnya ditentukan oleh tapak tadi ^_^
 7. Kemaskan sisi.
Now, kembungkan bag anda. You will see something like this. ALmost done right?? ^_^

You all akan dapati lipatan sisi will be somehow not well defined. So, just press nicely according to the lines.

Then you'll get a well defined bag lines ^_^
 8. Hiaskan. Ini terpulang pada anda. Di sinilah anda boleh menjadi kreatif and mencipta keunikan :)
Last time, I just seal my bag with a ribbon. This is also a trick for a good finishing for the whole ensemble, also save time and cost! ^_^V 

*Tadi I ukur, my bag's measurement is about 11.5cm x 7cm (tapak), 23cm (height-unfold).



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