Thursday, March 1, 2012

Paris River Cruise: Bateaux Parisiens

Let's write something in here shall we?
To write a mindful entry..sorry, I just don't have the energy for that :(
Therefore, I will provide you with another boring review:(

My idea of travelling with my LDM-husband-whom-I-just-met-after-separated-for-months, was very simple; I just want to walk hand by hand with him, getting lost in a total strange place together without any concern in the world. Trying food in a place wherever we ended up following the direction of heart. Travelling is much more about discovery. Sometimes, we don't know what are we going to discover and it must be something that are totally foreign to us. Discovery that was beyond our imagination, are those that are priceless.

But of course people around us keep throwing us ideas of what to do. I really appreciate it, really.
Almost all, all, assumed we are going to Disneyland, Paris.
Honestly, we never, never ever discussed about wanting to go there. I don't know why..maybe we had had enough of Disneyland in here?hmm..

Among them, my MIL kept reminding us to go to the Paris river cruise.
I'm sure you guys also will think of this whenever Paris is mentioned, right?
Well, we did not ever wanting to do that. Never in the list. Lol XD.
But since my MIL kept saying that cruising is a must to do in Paris, then we felt the obligation to do that.
Trust me, she's always right. Lol XD.

We only had time for cruising on the final night. It was like..finally.hihi..
By that time, we knew Paris like the back of our hand XD.
Like the other evening, we had a short break on the roof top of our hotel, immersing ourselves with the stunning view of Paris under the 'orangish-sky'.

The sun is about to set:)
According to our hotel reception (we got most info from them because they speak English very well), winter is not a peak season, therefore most cruise lines will be on break. Since our hotel is located only a few steps away from the Notre Dame, we could just board the cruise there if it was a peak season. Great hotel location huh!
So, they told us to go to the Eiffel tower, the pick up point of a cruise namely Bateaux Parisiens; the only cruise line available during winter.

Our glass covered cruise. 
 I would consider ourselves lucky because this was the last cruise of the day:P The only night cruise available.hehe..
Oh well, you can choose a dinner cruise, or just sightseeing like us. It was one hour cruise. Trust me, it was really short and fast ending. I said fast coz there are so many things to see!!!Paris is so beautiful!!You just don't have time to take pictures, most of the time you just want to have the moment for yourself and feel grateful for the time and opportunity granted to you by Allah to see all of that:)
I thanked hubby so many times too for this gift and for his willingness to stay for years with me:') *excuse me..hehe*

The was one deras sungai..pening kepala kalau tenung lama-lama ..hehe

My seat. We sat at the most front, oh well, we were the first to board (hubby memang besemangat kalau berkaitan dengan seating -__-"). So, because it's winter kan, the boat we were on is fully covered with glass. It's like being in rumah hijau tu.
Every seat is provided with a radio connected to the chair by a wire. The radio has to be detached from the seat (like a remote in the flight-seat) and put on your ear. The instructor will teach you on how to operate the radio. The radio will tell you many stories as you cruise along the river. It was very interesting I could not afford to miss even a second to pose for a photo. Unfortunately, my radio was faulty for the english version. So, I have to change it with hubby coz he could listened to it in Japanese. Nevertheless, he was not into this educational programme as much as me -__-" Bagus, he could snap away:)

It was started in twilight.

Slowly becoming night:)

The longgggg building of what else..the biggest museum in the world, The Lourve. Patutla kami sakit kaki jalan dalam tu T___T

"N" for Napoleon.
Among many fascinating things to see; the bridges with many histories behind them.

When the cruise has over; approaching jetty, in front of the Eiffel Tower:)

The night just began. We spent another night around the Eiffel:) Getting as many image of it as much as possible before we leave the next day:)

From our experience, we learned that, we actually has made a mistake.
If you guys have plans to visit Paris someday, river cruising is one of the activity that you have to consider to do first. I tell you, cruising is somehow a way for you to be introduced to the city and helps you to get a picture of what to do first and later.
When we were on cruise, we saw much much more than we know and all sounds interesting! >,<
Oh well, I am after all not a person who lives in proper sequence and this did nothing less, but more to "sayang, we have to come back again..we haven't yet see that, that, that that (while pointing at many many more landmarks I just knew by cruising)." hehe... So, itu adalah hikmah:D

Ok sayangness, that's all for today.
Jya matta ne!

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