Saturday, February 18, 2012

Paris: The best part:)

The best part in Paris? 
Besides Eiffel tower (of course), we found it not far from our stay.
Apparently, it's just a minute away ^_^

It was our hotel roof top:')
We got private access to the roof top:')
And from there, you see everything!! Every major landmark in Paris!!
Look at the above picture, where the Eiffel and Invalides are beautifully captured:)
Since we were so near to the Notre Dame de Paris, yang itu lagila jelas terpampang depan mata :')
Even the much farther Grande Arche could also be seen from here!
Besides, this spot is a good location to have a sneek inside those Parisien house:P

Since it's private, most of the time only two of us were there. It's a good place for us to spend some quality time and have a rest after long walk everyday:)

Since our hotel is near to everything, we will go back for solat, and went here to feast our eyes with view of sunset:D It was indeed a dream came through. Oh, look!!it's the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur behind us! If you would like to have a view of the whole Paris for free, go there!
*p/s to honeymooners: Here, they provided you with dim light and romantic French song too!Lol XD!

Also, sunrise while having breakfast ^_^ *On our left side, you can see Notre-Dame*

One fine morning in Paris:)
So, the secret is revealed!Now you know where to go to have it all in one place; in my case, the rooftop of Holiday Inn Notre-Dame. Lol XD!


  1. Waaaaaaa syokkkknyeeeeeeeeeeee

  2. patut la posing sakan :) memang best!

  3. Lieya:mmg bes:) It's a lifetime moment.x boleh lupa:)
    Reen: aiyoh..dah kate hanimun.hanimun mana2 pon bes:D ehehe



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