Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One snowy day

Nothing..just wanna share with you situation I have to 'endure' provided a working space by a window.
With that, any change of temperature outside will be first 'enjoyed' by yours truly.
I 'suffer' the most during peak of winter, also peak of summer.
I was either being frozen at my cubicle without people ever understood why I turned so blue while they enjoyed the nicely heated room we share, or I will get a personal tan service by this huge wall glass window.
Did I forgot to mention, I chose to sit here albeit all of those exaggerated circumstances (true though:/)

You can accuse me of anything, but you can't accused me of a me as a probable vampire.
Know why?
I am one being who loves sunlight!Seriously!!I love a spacious room, less furniture in which those spaces I would like it to be filled with sunlight.
So, I chose to get this cubicle mostly because of its lighting;)
Little that I know my wall will be changing to something extremely beautiful!!

View from my office in once upon evening. The day was actually one bright sunny day. Then suddenly there was heavy downpour of snow. It was just after I made a cup of hot coffee. teehehee:D

I like it in Hiroshima for winter.
This city provided me with the most beautiful winter people would wanted it to be. 
Well, at least yours truly ;)

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