Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Itu bukanlah nama panggilan pakcik saudara kami. Tapi itu adalah restoran feveret kami di London!yey!

We had so much fun sightseeing in London that we didn't realized we have walked for kilometers (from Buckingham Palace to Tower Hill). Too many things to feast for the eye we forgot to have lunch also we forgot that we were walking all the way! By the time we met with the Tower Bridge, the sun was ready to set and left us in rush to find place for solat. 

Oh, that day was also our special day. I bet most of you also has your own special day, right?
So, we decided to treat ourselves something extra to celebrate it. We had a very memorable day, why not ending it perfectly by doing things that we both like and remember?
While other people would choose Italians, westerns restaurants on their special day, I'm sure those who resides overseas understands why we chose instead a Malaysian restaurant. 
Besides halal, we chose it because...we are dying to eat Malaysian food for so long!>,< arghhh!!Especially yours truly yang every time my husband asked, "Nak makan apa?", I would immediately answered "Daging." 
Then I saw daging on their menu...mashaAllah..semua yang I suka and susah-buat and tak-kuasa-nak-susah-susah-buat-tapi-sorang-je-nak-makan ada semua tersenarai T___T
Maka, Tukdin memangla ichiban (the most) desired restaurant to feast in for that time being (and now still T__T). 

Before that, this is Paddington station. Enough for you to get the picture of how their station looks like? Cantikkan? 

Tukdin's front. Across our hotel je..hehe..

Tukdin, Flavors of Malaysia. Because of you we never sempat go to Malaysian Hall and tried their food court >,<

Browsing my new recipe book while waiting for our food ^_^ Oh, during this time, there were just two of us in the restaurant. So, we borak-borak with all the staffs there whom are mostly student there..
When we told them we came all the way from Japan, their faces changed and asked how do we save ourselves from tsunami last time *_*

Because I didn't stop nagging hubby for this; daging bakar cicah air asam :') and how do I know that this will be tersangat sedap T___T kan bagus kalau kurang sedap...tak perlula datang lagi T___T Tukdin represents the 5star of Malaysian dishes!

Pasembor :') Sedap T___T serious weh...sedap T___T 

Kari udang. Ini bukan saya order:| Tapi sedap ^_^

OMG..lapar la pulak cerita pasal Tukdin ni. I gotta go guys. Go home and dream of dining at Tukdin T__T

So, kami memang tersangkut kat restoran ni je keje...heh!
That's why, we are not the right person to ask about Londoners' food spot to go :P

It's quite a boring entry. I think.
Well, try again in the next entry ya.
See you!


  1. hunny..whats with u n food:P *I hate to view this post:/ I can't stand gambr mknn:/*



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