Friday, February 17, 2012

On discovery

Was on hiatus last weekend. 
My monthly routine; trip back to Toyohashi started again last weekend after 6 months not doing so. 
Sounds like a burden for many who knows, but for me, it's a bless. Alhamdulillah. Although 700km apart, as long as we are on the same land.
So, I was determined to take half day on the Friday. As usual, not having time out for lunch, I tried to settle as many work as possible. Typical things happened, when you wanted to leave, suddenly jobs berduyun tiba..
Nevertheless I managed to leave at 4:P Ingat terer sangat, I didn't had anything, and masa berdiri solat jatuh gedebuk low sugar level:/
Then I had no choice but to just...ignore it, find the last drop of ATP mobilize myself to the shinkansen station which is just 5 minutes away from my house. Tummy keep asking to be filled with anything, by my heart told me to keep walking.
Following my heart, I was brought to this one bentou stall just steps away from shinkansen platform.
It was my favourite bentou house T_____T They opened a stall here. Dah setahun lebih dah back and forth by shinkansen never noticed :') I was so excited and bought the most expensive box:P kekeke..

I consider this as the most delicious bentou (lunch box) ever >,< My husband was skeptical towards this kedai bentou. I left some for him and...he was amazed and could not agree more:') I'll definitely will bring him this on every trip back home:')
 That's I consider as my one new discovery:P

Moving on, sigh..leaving a house to a person who would never cook (sanggup berlapar..), the chance of you getting something decent to cook in the house is.thin.

So, I found rice (of course), some leftovers chillies and I brought my favourite ikan bilis jepun with me!
Then I decided to cook porridge, my mom's style. This is my first time cooking porridge :')

Rice porridge with fried anchovies mixed with chillies, ground nuts and onions. After this, hubby requested this for breakfast every morning :/ 
 That's I consider his discovery:') Then, it has been one of his favourite breakfast menu:)

I wanted our first weekend to be relaxing. Just two of us, spending quality time together.
Read the subnotes: "I want to bake!"
So, I dragged him to several supermarket searching for baking stuff. Bad news, it's almost valentine, banyak barang tak ada T____T
All and all, I managed to bake one cake ^_^

Orange moist cake? imagining the soft spongy orange cake? try again, moist orange cake something sooo different and mashaAllah sedap >,< Thanks Aim for the recipe ^_^
 I didn't know we can do 'moist' orange cake before:')
My discovery was of course, first timer baking moist orange cake, also, I just knew hubby can finish the whole cake in 10minutes:\

It's not a surprise we both love outdoors so much. So, tahan duduk rumah sehari je.hehe..then I nagged him to Otsukaya (kedai kain in Nagoya). I've been longing to buy my families japanese cotton. Consider my token of appreciation:)
Here they are ^_^ Sebok beli utk org, lupa diri sendiri. Plus, penat dah:') 
 My discovery?
It was so great!!I gotta to buy my favourite type of cotton on 70% discount!!Who would ever think of that!
*still, I didn't have enough cash. Not even close to pay half of the total cost T_____T*

My routine cooking food stock for 2 weeks has also started.
This could be consider my ultimate aim for going back to Toyohashi every month; to prevent looking at starving husband through skype every night:|

Scoop sikit for dinner:D Eh lihat itu gulai daging lembu hokkaido. Dagingnya sangat lembut T___T So, that's another discovery:D 
So, we discover new things everyday. If we were to write it in a book, we could have our own library by now:)

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