Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oxford Street.

Now I noticed, we have some what lesser number of photos taken in London compared to Paris. 
You know why?Because in London we did less sightseeing and more shopping:p 
I had this plan to put a picture of pitch black blank square to tell the story of me in Oxford Street.
Of course, that's what a camera do in the meantime we are busy using the money :P 
I tried, but I don't know how to do that:/ 

When I told my friend that I am in London, most girls (all of them) suggest me to go to Primark. 
I don't know what to reply..terharu?or 'annoyed'? *kidding!!*
Of course that was one of my biggest agenda!!I've been listening of those people rambling about it over and over since..forever >,< Why do you think I wanna go London at the first place?:P *I hope you guys understand sarcasm :|*

So, as soon as we (he) finished visiting  A STADIUM, my feeling was like just woken up from a deep boring sleep!I walked so fast (like you bangun tidur lambat and have to run catch a plane!!), and all I could think of was Primark!
So, from Arsenal station to Marble Arch station (nearer to Primark) or Oxford street.
Well..for me just so-so. I don't know what to buy..There are undeniably cheap. 
Pretty?..just some.small portion of it, however they weren't of my likings. But it's a good place to get those basic attires where fashion is second that matters.
But seriously I didn't know what to buy. Nothing caught my eyes. I thought I was tired. 
We went there three times and I still failed getting anything for myself:/ Just some basic stuff that you still could get anywhere. Someone was however enjoying the scene (of me not be able to fill up the trolley like usual:/). 

So, I didn't caused much damage to his pocket. I'm glad anyway:)
But I was a little bit frustrated to see that the store I have been dying to go was not at like what I was hoping for. Well, part of the feeling was relieved. I don't have to envy those Londoners after this.hehe..

Then we go to Oxford Street! Marble Arch station pun memang located along the Oxford Street. So, the first Primark I went was one in Oxford Street. There will be a lot of people. Make sure your hubby is attached to you all the time. I lost him so many times inside the store T___T (for those with kids, rephrase the word 'husband' with 'kid'.) I've seen so many kids running around the store, crying, screaming for I assumed, their parents:|.

Oxford Street reminds me of...Shinjuku. Where you can see repetitive stores along the street. For instance, first you see one H&M store..and a few steps ahead you'll see the larger version of it and it gets larger as you step ahead. This is also the case of other boutiques. I love ZARA. But I found it very hard to get your size in here. Also, are they shorts of attires to sell? They are too little of everything :|

I think we made a mistake. By visiting Oxford street too soon. That caused a huge damage to your (husband's) pocket and also time >,<. We were there every night T___T But that wasn't entirely my fault:/ Get back to that later:/

Besides footballs clubs, hubby became suddenly interested in London after he discovered how this place would be such a 'heaven' for shopping. Guys, read this carefully; everything on sale are much much cheaper!!Or maybe we got there at the right time, the new year's sale ^_^
Me, however feels like been throwing with just the remnant of maybe from their boxing day. It was very hard for me to get one of my size:/ Cis!Then I slowly hate London a little:/ 

 On the way to the next stop:P Not many photos here guys..only who has photos during shopping?:P
I love London mostly because this city is Muslim friendly. Halal restaurant are everywhere and so does the mosque or they usually called it Islamic Centre.

Islamic Centre in Oxford Street. Masjid yang paling cantik I ever visited for this trip, I must say. Sangat cantik and bersih ^_^ after having discovered this, Oxford street is one place we never have to worried to go at any time:')
Now we know..Japan is not the right place for shopping :')

So bebeh, shall we go again next year? Better on Boxing Day?:p


  1. Next lg byk choice dr primax. tak masuk debenhams, mark n spencer? boxing day mmg berbaloi sgt kalau pergi. ;D

  2. I enjoy reading each entry of your trip. Teruja rasa nak pergi! :p

  3. Asmara:Of course masuk:D cuma Primark was highlighted sebab takde kt sini :P eheh..

    Safwa: Wow..thank u^_^ tapi actually ini adalah contoh review yang tak berkualiti.hehe..u should.ajak abam J!:D

  4. i miss oxford street! lots have changed over the yearss...thank you for bringing back the memories!

  5. I am much aware of that Pn. Syai :') I think u should go again. Just to settle with your feelings:) Just like what I felt for Paris :') Go go Syai!



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