Thursday, February 9, 2012

Their custom, my dilemma

Have you ever heard this saying; you are not yet see the world hadn't you not yet be to Japan?
Oh yes, it's true though.
I just realized it too anyway.
Too many customs.
Despite of this saying; masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masuk kandang err..apa eh lg satu??:| Never mind. The thing is, there are so many customs here that I was taught and expected to follow.
Sometimes I feel so tired to remember all of those. Until I came across another saying that they do not expect foreigners to understand their customs and any broken rules by us are most of the time forgiven and understood. Oh well, they are Japanese. It's in their heart :')
So, when there are times I feel lazy to 'understand' their custom, I just act dumb and not doing it, assumed that they will after all forgive me.
However, most of the time, it's me who ended up feeling guilty:/

I'll give you one situation for example.
I am placed in quite a superior department in my school. I assumed this department is one of those who got a lot of money, hence there are so many functions, formal and lavish I must say, that I have to attend. Almost every month there will be one. The thing is, I know no significance of any of the functions I have been to, except the final year party of course.
But one thing in common of all parties, everybody will take turns, more towards racing to my big boss, to pour him drink (of course the alcohol) and greeted him. Every body does that except yours truly.
I don't understand what, why, how's the process? Hmm..anyways, the situation I just elaborated is what I observed from afar. So, I still don't know what they were doing for real >,<
It such a dilemma for me to be sitting alone at my table looking around for them all eyeing for turn to catch up with my boss.
I hope my boss understands me pretty much as a muslim.
Discussed this with hubby and not a surprise, he also never do that. A relief. But my act was not supported or understood by other foreigners here. They are looking at me as someone who fails to adapt.
Whatever it is, I am quite convinced I was forgiven for probably the millionth times.

Current dilemma was..the new year's custom, whereby everybody will be sending out countless of greeting cards for new year and all the cards supposed to reach the dedicated person on the first day of the year!
Hey, it's Japan. This thing is possible.
What's impossible is me! I was so impossible by not giving out any for 2 years in a row!
I deserved to be bad mouthed:/*no, not a slap please*

Among a few of  my 'still-countable' new year's greeting cards. Every cards was marked with a serial numbers. This serial numbers is like a lucky draw. The post office is now advertising their lucky numbers. Winners can claim their prize at any post office branch. Me?hey..since when I'm that lucky?:| I mean for lucky number la..hehe.. 

I'm trying to not be thinking too much about how 'ignorance' I was.
I decided to put half of the blame to my darling husband because..he kidnapped me to Paris:P
That's why I couldn't go to the post office and send those imaginary greeting cards out!

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  1. Salam kenal wani...follow ur blog..:))

  2. kite serupeeee. yoo pun tak buat. tgk je dr jauh diorng tuang2 beer dan greet yoroshiku, ada juga yg tak buat so yoo rasa it's ok...hehe. dan ada la a few yg dtg tuang air oren atau ocha kat yoo. last year, yoo tak send pun nengajo tu...sebab malas. wahaha...

  3. E-na:salam kenal..will follow u back <3 thank u ^_^
    Yoo: kalau kt hotel die xde pon botol oren or ocha..kalau nk kene mintak waiter refill kan >,< uhu..

  4. byk gila new yr card.kalau yg penuh kanji tu, kalau i mesti pening nak baca.haha

  5. waaahh!!! bestnye... dapat g oversea gitu... hurm nak ikut..
    \\( ^_^ )//

  6. Anum: sikit je banding ngn org lain:P x bace pon..n most of the cards, I don't know from who.seriously:/sigh..

    CikUna: mehle dtg sini:D



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