Thursday, February 16, 2012

What God and them taught me.

I've been meaning to write something of my thoughts, that have been running through my head for weeks.
But as you know, writing thoughts involve brainstorming.
The idea is there, but you need something extra, the spices to help me get the readers to understand what I meant. 
So, to make understand you why I was instead writing a lengthy, soap-opera like series of review; how should I put in sentence? The word 'lazy' may explains it well here. Short and that is it!

In facebook recently, my friend and me has been discussing about how language barrier has affected us here.
She is a chinese. China, chinese. Not a Malaysian Chinese.
Apparently, many people of China (or maybe only her and clans) has the long time idea to achieve and then move out to Japan. So, this idea has been planted in her mind for so long and now she's here, it's a dream came through.
Have you ever thought of once your dream has came through, what would you do? That's it??
Will the dream be anything like what you have imagined it to be? If it is, could you be any happier days after that? Or worst, what if it's not?
In my friend's case, she managed to finally migrated to Japan, achieving her long time ambition. The thing is, little that she knows, there's a big price for her to pay. Working condition disfavor her in many ways. Most of the time, it causes by the people. Well, at least she has achieved her dreams. I told her, bad days only once in a while and there are so many things available to look at, to feel at, to appreciate.
Honestly, my working place is just okay. I think God gave me as such provided that I am so talkative, I did socialize more than study itself (times before Japan). So, by having a condition limiting my expansion of social skills *sila muntah*, I am now more focus to my work, and finally I feel like really doing the study.
Sigh..I know.I should have been doing this years before this, when I was still young. sigh..
So, it's true, Allah may not giving us what we wanted, but He gave us what we needed.

Speaking about what we wanted or dreams, yours truly doesn't really have one. read it right. I don't:/
Befriend with Japanese, I did some background check and ended up feeling so embarrassed of myself. 
They did many things giving the 30 years of life (plus minus, most of them are thirty one year old). 
They achieved many things in their life name it sports, music, arts. They said they got nothing to regret now and with open heart, moving on with bigger things in their mind. 
Because of this, I decided to play piano again. I did many things halfway in my teenage years. And now, it's a regret. They taught me to do things at my best whenever I start doing something and never done it halfway. I saw one of my friend here playing piano (she said it's been years since she last played), and my jaw dropped:| 
That time I was just wanted to start again, watching her (who keeps saying she is not good), I felt like puking and useless. Then I thought, I'm doing it for myself, not to enter any competition:| Then I swallow back the almost there vomit *_* (eww..) 

Think back, I actually had my own ambition. 
Unfortunately, it was not at all associated with science whatsoever. 
*Excuse my keluhan*- Why is this world likes to give standard to people!!Why do I need to be in science course to be with par with people's expectations??- Cries T___T

*wiping tears*

Ok, what passed has passed. I shall start figuring out how to make lemonade out of all the lemons I have right now. 
I envy those who knew what they wanted in life. How they have seen more life has to offer at a very early age. But again, who is me to get stress on all of these. Allah has given me the best I could have.
One thing for sure I want was, to be married :D
But again, I didn't have any dream wedding back then. Still, people made fuss out of it although I had nothing to complaint about. Again..people..other. people.

It's getting lengthy I see.

Don't take my entry as a form of me complaining about my fate.
I believe, there are so many people out there wish to be where I am now. 
For the record, I am so much grateful for where I am, who I am now.
Life is so far my favourite teacher and all of the above written are set as my milestone.
So that every morning, I feel the need to wake up to accomplish one thing at a time and move on.

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