Friday, February 3, 2012

London: It's all started in Stratford..

I'm sorry that I have to continue with another review -__-" It was a long journey and I'm afraid the excitement will be fully degraded if I postponed it further:/
Let's go to Stratford!


I know right..There are so many places in London I could go. Why Stratford??:| *lowered your eyebrow and drop your eyelid..then try to do the palmest of a facepalm ever!>,<*

If its me, I maybe never would even consider to put this place in my list >,< Can you guess where this picture was taken?

I give you far much easier clue. No taker? Still don't know where is this? #btw, please focus on my husband's face. How happy he was *_* 

The happy boy...-__-"

Here we are. The still-under-construction; 2012 Olympic Stadium T_____T even the tube station is still not fully assemble into something that looks like a train station!!
Oh well, to fulfill his interest...ikut jela. And wives, you are now married, don't forget to smile all the way too -__-" 
Tapi bagus juga la walaupun I had no idea how to 'love' that place. I had opportunity to ride the double decker bus (since the train station for the stadium itself is tak siap lagi kan..).

Another additional point to our (inaugural-for yours truly) trip to Stratford was, another shopping day for us.
Apparently Stratford station is one of internationals. So, it was huge, more modern-look and most importantly equipped with hehe...malls.
Well I have to say, dragging hubby into the mall was one of my 'regret' >,<

I was at first excited looking at a huge Primark store with less people!!So I was thinking, maybe I dislike it in Oxford Street because it was too congested?? Then hubby let me go around the two-level equally huge with the one in Oxford street for two times! And I still failed to like it. Then I was convinced and even more devastated:/
I couldn't find things to shop. So, I decided to go around try their sweets..:/

This has to be recorded!The best pretzel I ever tried in my entire life!!geez..Auntie Anne's is nothing compared to this:S

F21 yang sangat besar gedabak and tak ada orang. That's just make it two times larger:P
 You wanna know why I 'regret' bringing hubby here?:/
This is the first point he discovered ...gadgets are 'significantly' cheaper. Much cheaper than those in Japan \O.O/*still only applicable to those of western's made.'
Wives, this is an important point for you to be focus on..Once his attention is taken..there's no way you can have your honeymoon *lari-lari sambil tarik rambut*. So, no matter what you have to help him settle whatever it is that he needs before you can have your time. Just like what he always did for us, I guess:) Give and take. This was definitely one of the time...I had to give >,<

Story went like this. There was one electric shop named 'Curry' in London (I know right..I keep questioning hubby about why 'curry':/ and of course he never listens coz he's been busy dragging the reluctant wife around for lawatan ke kedai letrik -__-"). That time as you already known, was a sale season. At the same time, he was already looking for the currently most wanted head phone in the world which I think most people like me wouldn't care:P And the kedai offered him that thing he likes for a very good price. Let's put it like this, you will go, do anything to get those things in that good price no matter what it takes. Unfortunately, the one he had eye on was already, at that moment, out of stock!!>,<

That brought me to another place name Stepney Green; where another Curry store was located -__-"
Walking into Stepney Green, all I could say this place was one of suburb. What's obvious to me, this place is most probably filled with muslims as there were lines of halal restaurant all the way!
Of course the first place I was dragged into was the electric store -__-"
But pity hubby, they didn't have the stock as well.
Then bored me came out with the idea of asking the customer service to tell us the branch which still has the stock? And if they do, we requested it to be reserved.
Good news, there was one store still have it. Bad news, by the time I asked them it was 5 o'clock and they were then ready to close at the exact same time -__-" Kesian suami saya T_____T

At Stepney Green's Nando's. Even Nandos is halal there :') Lama betul tak makan Nandos :') bes sangat :') 

Baitul Huda in Stepney Green. Not very far from the train station, also the Curry's store. We managed to be the ma'mum for Maghrib prayer. Although a bit old, this place was well taken care of. For muslimah, the prayer space was located underground. For men, two levels are reserved for them. But according to hubby, although sounds spacious, it was already congested sampai a few has to solat diluar. Ramai muslim :')

Oh, I forgot to tell you, before we left the shop with my heart-broken husband, one of the staff told us about London's Akihabara:P It was located in Tottenham Court Road.
Ok, like I said..London's Akihabara..there goes my one day of honeymoon >,< *kidding bebeh*

You don't think we went there?
Of course we did >,<
I was determined to do whatever it takes for him to get this thing by end of the day!If not, I have to continue the search in many more kedai letrik >,< arghhhh!!!!:P

Now I got headache calling all the memories in Stratford. I have to lie down for a few hours before I can continue (lie down=continue buat kerja -__-").
Oh, did he finally got his hand on 'that thing'?
Sama-sama kita nantikan:P

Nonetheless, my day ends perfectly:) He tried.
Nearby Portobello Market. End our day with 2 cups of frozen yogurt;)


  1. haha everytime i wanna roll my eyes as my husband scans every single thing in the electric store,i would remind myself of his patience whenever i read every labels and try every product there is at the cosmetic store. :))

  2. yes. so true :') he never bragged about me in a blog too. So, he's 'the good guy' here :')



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