Friday, February 10, 2012

Paris:Holiday Inn Notre Dame

As the name implies..
So, today I'll serve you with another entry; review on my stay in Paris. A hotel purposely selected to fulfill the requirement of honeymoon itself. Lol XD
The first thing to consider finding for a stay is location. So, let's see where this hotel is located :)
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1. Located at area no.6. Very near to the notre dame. About 5 minutes walking. The Notre Dame is one huge, magnificent church, so, 5 minutes away is like it was just in front of your eyes >,<

2. As you can see, it is in the heart of Paris :') We are in the middle of everything!yey!

3. Lagi best, metro is one minute away (if you walk berlenggang kangkung). The station's name is St. Michel/St. Michel Notre Dame. Yang lagi best, RER (train which travels further to suburb also, airports)  stops at this station:) So, we never have to worry about our trip back to the airport:) 
Senang sangat!!Especially when you go travel with a wife who has so many suitcases with her :P 
Apart from that, RER also stops at main attractions. So, we usually opt for RER coz lagi cepat, tidak perlu tukar train:D hihi.

4. Without further ado, let me show you around the hotel we stayed in the longest; Holiday Inn Notre Dame.

The bed. Nampak classy la juga. The color choice plum and they knew we were on honeymoon:P
p/s: this bad is such a 'spoiler'. I suspected this bed was sort of spelled? It's like you will easily fall asleep whenever you land on it. It's too cozyyyyy >,< so, we had hard times waking up each other :/

There are LCD TV (all programs in french, even hollywood movie pun alih suara macam di Jepun. Bosan betul tgk movie mulut lain, bunyi lain ni:/), work station (turn to my make-up table:P) and movement-sensor equipped closet (which we like to play with :P).
p/s: Can you see the toilet already? Actually, toilet was separated by a glass door. Maybe I had already crash into the toilet when hubby busy snapping around:P

The bathroom. This is important to ladies, k. Photos of toilets are important for people who do hotel surveying :D So, I provide one :') so, toilets are fine. It was indeed better than my expectations.
p/s:Typical Parisian toilet, they are fixed higher than those in Japan and Malaysia:/ 

The shower cubicle. We love it!Their shower tu boleh keluar ikut ceiling (yes, like rain), walls (up and down). Also ada shower yang mcm telifon tu. Lol XD
p/s: But we hate the knob!very difficult to turn:/ 

I love this. Hiasan di kepala katil. Simple and classy. I should save this for my home deco later ^_^

Special bantal-apa2 swan ntah :/ I don't really appreciate this though. But I think I should highlight this point for those who are looking for comfortable night stay in Paris and very fussy about their pillow (yeah, I've met such people:|)
p/s: Oh yes, the label can be removed:P

After seeing what they served us, we immediately threw away our own soap:P  Products from Yves Rocher y'all!!sukke la kite ngutipnye hari2..hehe

sofas and fridge (back of the sofa).
p/s: they are used to be the landing space for our jacket. Lol XD

Plum color for the hallway too ^_^ 

The lobby

Reception. Yang bestnya, all the receptionist could speak english very well.  But don't expect hospitality like those Japanese, k.
p/s: They reminded me of my childhood memories going to BSN when those times pretty face was one of the condition to be the counter person:P They were gorgeous!!

The drink bar lobby.
p/s: Guests, you'll get free welcome drink here ^_^

Our veranda where we usually had our breakfast at:D
p/s: Those milk and cookie? We import them from London :D

Hotel front. There are many Holiday Inn around this city. So, this is one in Notre Dame. Most Holiday Inn are either 3 stars or 4 stars.
p/s: Next to the hotel, kedai runcit. So, senang la nk beli daily needs;)

This is the best part; view from our veranda:) a stay overlooking the Eiffel Tower:') 
5. Other things I like would be;
a. The 3in1 hot cocoa. I usually hate hot cocoa. Susah nak dapat yang sedap. Oh, of course, I was in Paris:p
b. There's kettle. That wasn't a good news. The good news was, apparently I packed along the 3in1 campbell soup with me:P
c. Among these many credits, they missed one point; a free wi-fi service :/ For wi-fi service, you will be charge 5euro/day. And it could only be accessed in the lobby:| what the..
But according to hubby..itu adalah sangat murah:/
Ok, look at the bright side, this situation will do nothing less but more bonding time with your loved ones:D so, in conclusion, hotel ni memang sangat sesuainya nk pergi honeymoon^_^
*provided if the TV does not mostly show football related stuff like what I had experienced watching Parisian TV. But I still don't know it's whether the TV or the person who has the total control of the TV (I just don't know how to use remote:S) :/In this case, I recommend you to ask the hotel to remove the TV as well :P

Did I have enough reviewing this hotel?
No, not yet. The best part is yet to come ^_^
So, stay tuned :P


  1. bagusnya review mcm ni.best2 *not that i'm planning to go there in near future.1 day maybe,who knows ;p* part last yg pasal tv and sports tu mmg tak tahan.i pun sama..*sigh*

  2. yeah..sometimes I trust the blogger more than the official websites.Lol XD. Haritu masa I buat research, byk yg misteri for me. So, I want to help making clear for others esp. to my blog readers:)
    and yeah..sigh:/



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