Tuesday, January 31, 2012

London sightseeing: An Episode For Men *facepalm*

Do you really wanna know where were we on our first day in London? Yeah, I'm still talking about London.

Told you I was having a severe jet lag. Whenever I opened my eyes, he had already prepared with his own schedule. So 'not interested to go London' act, right?hmmm..

So, his first and foremost agenda...among many other places in London was, the Emirates stadium.

From Paddington station to Arsenal station.

The Emirates stadium.
 My elaboration: This is a football stadium..and huge.tu je kot:|
Meeting with his football idol. The Henry T.
Among the things I enjoyed doing *grin* Going to Arsenal stadium was like him throwing lemon to me,. But I managed to make lemonades (plural, notice?) as long as there's shop around :D
Well, other things I enjoyed doing here was when he being opened up and spoke about his childhood memories he had during period living in London. I considered that was my joy visiting this place :')
Although we have been together for 11 years, there's so much more to discover right?:')

I have many pictures around Arsenal stadium. I think he managed to cover every inches of the stadium and times two:| But it's not my position to post it here mainly because..I.don't.know. what to share. Lol XD.

We spent half the day here. Hubby was reluctant to leave anyways. Lol XD. 
Then he gave me time to do what I like, that is..shopping!!
To Oxford street we go!weeee!!Can you picture his emotion graph going down to the earth crust?:P
See you in Oxford street. Before that, we'll go to Primark!

Jya matta!

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