Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Grande Mosquee de Paris

Our first day of sightseeing, Grande Mosquee de Paris has already been included as one of main attraction for us:D

From Charles de Gaulle Etoile station to Censier Daubenton. Mosque was about 5 minutes walking from the metro.
Let's look at the mosque shall we?^_^

Can you see the mosque? My advice, when you go out of the metro station, you'll see a huge church . Go the opposite way, and you'll find the mosque. 

We finally here ^_^ 

As you stepped into the mosque.

Prayer space.

This was the only visit we had. We had the opportunity to be the ma'mum for maghrib prayer too.

Every single details about the mosque tu sangat beautiful just like what you expected to find in Paris.
However, I think they have to do something about the cleanliness of this holy place. My face turned blue when I came out from the ablution husband told me, my experience was nothing compared to him in men's ablution area o.O Seriously T_____T
One of the reason we think one time is enough, except if you just wanna come and pray with wudhu' already on. Hopefully they'll do something about it.

Do you think our day ended here?


  1. bestnye dalam senarai angan2 untuk ke sini ;)

  2. InshaAllah..u kn in the making to be a successful entrepreneur :D hari tu pasti datang :D lama x updet blog.mana hilang puan lina?

  3. dah canti dah masjid tu but zannen kotor kan. kalau ade mosque that beautiful here mesti best coz for sure bersih :)

  4. mashaAllah kotor T____T bau urine all over.mmg mana2 pun mmg bau urine kt Paris tu T__T dahla tu the biggest mosque and one of the attraction. They should do something about maintenance la.mcm M'sia jgk ada problem dgn maintenance:/



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