Monday, January 23, 2012

Why Paris?

One of my dream was to see the Eiffel tower with my own eyes. 
But then, I was not entirely serious to do that within this few years. Let alone saying about it today, and depart next day like we did:/
So, when hubby asked me what I wanna do on our first day in Paris? Of course I answered "to Eiffel we go!" :')

When you already in Paris, do not worry about transportation. When you think you are lost, just watch for 'Metro' sign. There are everywhere. 

From Voltaire to the Eiffel tower;
Looks far, but was just 20 minutes :)  Usually people will stop at Bir Hakiem/ Champ de Mars tour eiffel/ Trocadero to see the Eiffel.

You can skip this later part cause it's full with our photos:")
'Jambatan inception'..the dialog he always saying whenever we passed this jambatan..followed by apa yang terjadi di jambatan ni dalam movie inception tersebut -__-"

Second glance of the Eiffel. First glance when we were on the train.  Memang speechless masa first time nampak tu:D *excuse my kejakunan :P*

One of the many photos of the Eiffel we took. Sigh...if only the camera can catch  the actual thing!:') Memang jaw dropping la Eiffel!

Gomen..ini pulak gamba yours truly yang sedang mencemarkan view Eiffel itu sendiri :D

Its winter...Eiffel with pokok togels :D

With my prince charming who granted my wishes:D

The weather was nice despite of winter. Tapi bila angin kuat datang tu sejuk sikit. Hence the hot cocoa :D

Finally, he used his camera yang ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh itewww >,<

This is Bir Hakiem metro station. You won't get sesat one.  Just alight when you see the word 'Tour Eiffel'. We went to Eiffel at night by alighting at other stops pula. Tell you about it later:)

So, after all, it was all about Eiffel that I've been wanting to go to Paris all this while.
Again my husband did things I never have thought would happened to me. Thank you sayang :')
And thank you Allah for bringing him to me :')

We walked around Eiffel almost every night during our stay in Paris. Despite of that, we feel we haven't had enough of it. Definitely a place to visit again, someday:)


  1. waa i want to go to paris too
    btw, love all the pictures!

  2. u sure will go one day:)
    wow!compliments fromjurugambar hebat!terima kasih :D



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